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Gynaecological Cancers (Systemic Therapy and Clinical Trials) Team

Dr Susana Banerjee's team develops and delivers national and international phase I-III clinical trials for patients with gynaecological cancers and aims to increase the understanding of the biology of these diseases.

Team leader

Dr Susana Banerjee

Dr Susana Banerjee

Team Leader

Dr Susana Banerjee’s research focuses on improving outcomes of women with gynaecological cancer through translational, research-driven clinical trials of novel therapies. She is a Consultant Medical Oncologist and Research Lead for The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust Gynaecology Unit.

Team members

Nawa Amin

Clinical Research Fellow/PhD Student

Lucy Dumas

MD Fellow

Alvaro Ingles Russo

Clinical Research Fellow/PhD Student

Dr James Stewart

Clinical Research Fellow