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Professor Chris Bakal, Dynamical Cell Systems Group


Cellular imaging plays an important role in biological discoveries. High content analysis of cellular images produces large multivariate data that describes complex phenotypes. The main methods that are used to visualize high content data are heat maps or coordinate-based graphs.

However, these methods are limited to three-dimensional representations, or difficult to relate to cellular phenotypes, such as cell shape. Thus methods that represent high-dimensional cellular phenotype data in an intuitive way are still lacking. PhenoPlot is a novel visualisation method that simulates various aspects of cellular structures to represent imaging data in a concise and a quantitative way.

PhenoPlot is available as a Matlab toolbox with graphical user interface that draws cell-like glyphs from multivariate data. The toolbox can be used to represent any numerical data.

Download PhenoPlot software (zip file)