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Research projects

Professor Pascal Meier, Cell Death and Inflammation team

Project 1: RIP kinase-mediated immunogenic cell death

  • Aim: Identify regulatory mechanisms of RIP kinase-mediated tumour cell necroptosis/apoptosis and the production of inducible Damage Associated Molecular Pattern (DAMPs), and study their consequence in breast cancer therapy.

Project 2: Cell death by apoptosis, necroptosis or pyroptosis, and its impact on tumorigenesis and treatment outcome

  • Aim: Investigate how the different cell death modalities are achieved, and whether cell death by apoptosis, necroptosis or pyroptosis is beneficial or harmful for treatment outcome. This Project will attempt to identify the defining features of immunogenic versus tolerogenic cell death.

Project 3: Death in mitosis: Regulation of chromosome stability by components of the cell death machinery

  • Aim: Study the cross talk between cell death and mitosis, and manipulate cell death regulatory proteins to sensitise cancer cells to anti-mitotic agents. 

Project 4: Winners versus Losers: Targeting tumour heterogeneity via cell competition  

  • Aim: Develop novel anti-cancer treatment approaches that target the competitiveness of breast tumour cells.