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Treat cancer more precisely

We will deliver benefits for cancer patients by developing smarter, kinder treatments through innovative clinical trials and taking advances into NHS care.

The ICR and The Royal Marsden bring together expertise in discovery science and the clinic to deliver innovative, practice-changing clinical trials for patients with cancer.

We will develop a new generation of smarter, kinder treatments for patients – driven by the latest discoveries in cancer science and innovations in clinical research and data analysis. New trial methodologies will allow us to direct patients to the most suitable of a range of drugs, introduce treatment arms as new options become available, or adjust treatment over time to keep one step ahead of cancer. We will enhance our ability to assess targeted drugs, radiotherapy and immunotherapy together in combination.

We want everyone affected by cancer to benefit from advances in precision medicine. We will work through national and international networks to ensure we can make trials available not only for people with the most common cancers, but also for those with hard-to-treat or rarer kinds.

Treating more precisely cannot only extend lives and cure more people, but also offer gentler treatment with fewer side effects. And by learning more about patients’ risk of side effects, we can give treatments as kindly as possible.

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