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Great North Run 2018

This year we had 10 fantastic runners joining #teamICR and running the Great North Run – the biggest half marathon in the country. The team came from all over the UK and were up in Newcastle upon Tyne running to raise money for the ICR.

Great North Run 2018 - ICR runners

Image: Some of #teamICR's 2018 Great North Run runners. L-R: Ashok Choudhary,  Jennifer and Barbara Hubbard, Selwyn Channon and Zoe Redshaw

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Barbara and Jennifer Hubbard, Newcastle upon Tyne

Barbara, a foster carer for young children, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. She underwent a mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. Barbara has never been a runner before, but was inspired by some friends who ran last year and told her that “if they can do it, anyone can”.

Since their ordeal two years ago, both Barbara and Jennifer have been motivated to give something back and raise money for cancer research.

Barbara says “Two years after cancer I am so grateful to be feeling so well and fit. I knew so many people who didn’t make it. Being one of the lucky ones, I wanted to set myself a challenge and give something back.” Since donning her running shoes, she feels healthier than ever!

Jennifer is a dental student at Newcastle University, currently in the summer break of her second year. 

They decided to take on the Great North Run together. Barbara said, “It is great to be doing the Great North Run as a team with my daughter. Everyone in my family was so supportive and helpful when I was ill and had my surgery. We went through cancer as a family, and we will do the Great North Run as a family too.”

Barbara says she has been overwhelmed by the support she has had from the local community – from people sponsoring her in the local shop, at her foster carer meetings, and from many other generous people around her village of Lowick, in Newcastle.

Barbara “The ICR is a fantastic charity to run for. I chose them as their research benefits all patients with cancer.”

If you would like to support Barbara and Jennifer, you can donate at their Just Giving page.

Zoe Redshaw, Newcastle upon Tyne

Zoe Redshaw, a sport and exercise rehabilitation student from Newcastle, will be taking on the Great North Run to raise money for cancer research in memory of her great aunt.

Zoe, who used to be a cheerleader, has always been very fit but wanted some extra motivation to get her into running. Previously, she has managed a 5k fun run but wanted to take on a much bigger challenge.

Sadly, it was tragedy that inspired her to fundraise for cancer research. Her great aunt died of lung cancer, leading Zoe to take on the challenge in her memory.

Zoe says, “When my great aunt died I saw how terribly everyone in my family had been affected by her cancer. Knowing that the money I raise will go towards cancer research is a huge motivation for me.”

If you would like to support Zoe, you can donate on her Just Giving page.

Ashok Choudhary, southeast London

Ashok Choudhary, a Master’s student at the University of East London, will be taking on the Great North Run.

Ashok is studying media communications in global development. He has wanted to contribute to improving the lives of cancer patients ever since his grandmother died from the disease.

Previously Ashok has only run shorter distances, but he has been upping the ante in preparation for the Great North Run.

Before signing up to the challenge he had only gone up to 12k runs, and is now training hard to complete the half marathon.

“When visiting my cousin at work, who is a radio-oncologist in India, I saw the pain that cancer causes. We have felt it in our family too, with my grandmother. I wanted to do a challenge and raise money for cancer research as my contribution to the effort of improving lives for cancer patients.

“It is hard for anyone to see their loved ones suffering. I wanted to help, and the money I raise will help the ICR to do more research for a cure and find better treatments for patients.”

If you would like to support Ashok, you can donate on his Just Giving page.

Selwyn Channon, Epsom

Selwyn was a keen runner when he was a master chef in the British Army 20 years ago. He has recently tried to regain his fitness by getting back in his running shoes.

His sister in law, Mary, sadly died from kidney cancer last November. She initially responded well to treatment, but the cancer later returned. Following this loss, Selwyn has been motivated to give something back and raise money for cancer research.

Selwyn recently ran a half marathon in London in an impressive 2.17 hours. He has been ramping up his training and is excited to take on the Great North Run – a race he has always wanted to compete in.

Selwyn has received a very generous anonymous donation of £1000 if he runs the race clean shaven, and has booked in his shave!

Selwyn says “Mary was a lovely lady. It was a real shock to lose her. All she wanted was to make it another year for her 50th wedding anniversary.

“I have always wanted to run the Great North Run and couldn’t think of a worthier cause to raise money for whilst doing it.”

If you would like to support Selwyn, you can donate on his Just Giving page.

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