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Pollock, K., Ranes, M., Collins, I. & Guettler, S. (2017). Identifying and Validating Tankyrase Binders and Substrates: A Candidate Approach. Methods mol biol, Vol.1608, pp. 445-473.  show abstract

Mariotti, L., Templeton, C.M., Ranes, M., Paracuellos, P., Cronin, N., Beuron, F., Morris, E. & Guettler, S. (2016). Tankyrase Requires SAM Domain-Dependent Polymerization to Support Wnt-β-Catenin Signaling. Molecular cell, Vol.63 (3), pp. 498-513.

Guettler, S. (2016). AXIN Shapes Tankyrase ARChitecture. Structure, Vol.24 (10), pp. 1625-1627.

Guettler, S., LaRose, J., Petsalaki, E., Gish, G., Scotter, A., Pawson, T., Rottapel, R. & Sicheri, F. (2011). Structural basis and sequence rules for substrate recognition by Tankyrase explain the basis for cherubism disease. Cell, Vol.147 (6), pp. 1340-1354.  show abstract

Guettler, S., Mariotti, L. & Pollock, K. Regulation of Wnt/ß-catenin signalling by tankyrase-dependent poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation and scaffolding. British journal of pharmacology, .