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Ferlez, B.H. Kirst, H. Greber, B.J. Nogales, E. Sutter, M. Kerfeld, C.A. (2023). Heterologous Assembly of Pleomorphic Bacterial Microcompartment Shell Architectures Spanning the Nano- to Microscale. , , p. e2212065.  show abstract

LaFrance, B.J. Roostalu, J. Henkin, G. Greber, B.J. Zhang, R. Normanno, D. McCollum, C.O. Surrey, T. Nogales, E. (2022). Structural transitions in the GTP cap visualized by cryo-electron microscopy of catalytically inactive microtubules. Proceedings of the national academy of sciences of the united states of america, Vol.119 (2).  show abstract

Domínguez-Martín, M.A. Sauer, P.V. Kirst, H. Sutter, M. Bína, D. Greber, B.J. Nogales, E. Polívka, T. Kerfeld, C.A. (2022). Structures of a phycobilisome in light-harvesting and photoprotected states. Nature, Vol.609 (7928), pp. 835-845.

Greber, B.J. Remis, J. Ali, S. Nogales, E. (2021). 2 5 Å-resolution structure of human CDK-activating kinase bound to the clinical inhibitor ICEC0942. Biophysical journal, .  show abstract

Patel, A.B. Greber, B.J. Nogales, E. (2020). Recent insights into the structure of TFIID, its assembly, and its binding to core promoter. Current opinion in structural biology, Vol.61, pp. 17-24.

Mena, E.L. Jevtić, P. Greber, B.J. Gee, C.L. Lew, B.G. Akopian, D. Nogales, E. Kuriyan, J. Rape, M. (2020). Structural basis for dimerization quality control. Nature, Vol.586 (7829), pp. 452-456.

Greber, B.J. Perez-Bertoldi, J.M. Lim, K. Iavarone, A.T. Toso, D.B. Nogales, E. (2020). The cryoelectron microscopy structure of the human CDK-activating kinase. Proceedings of the national academy of sciences of the united states of america, Vol.117 (37), pp. 22849-22857.  show abstract

Greber, B.J. Sutter, M. Kerfeld, C.A. (2019). The Plasticity of Molecular Interactions Governs Bacterial Microcompartment Shell Assembly. Structure, Vol.27 (5), pp. 749-763.e4.

Nogales, E. Greber, B.J. (2019). High-resolution cryo-EM structures of TFIIH and their functional implications. Current opinion in structural biology, Vol.59, pp. 188-194.

Greber, B.J. Toso, D.B. Fang, J. Nogales, E. (2019). The complete structure of the human TFIIH core complex. Elife, Vol.8.  show abstract

Patel, A.B. Moore, C.M. Greber, B.J. Luo, J. Zukin, S.A. Ranish, J. Nogales, E. (2019). Architecture of the chromatin remodeler RSC and insights into its nucleosome engagement. Elife, Vol.8.  show abstract

Bieri, P. Greber, B.J. Ban, N. (2018). High-resolution structures of mitochondrial ribosomes and their functional implications. Current opinion in structural biology, Vol.49, pp. 44-53.

Nguyen, T.H. Tam, J. Wu, R.A. Greber, B.J. Toso, D. Nogales, E. Collins, K. (2018). Cryo-EM structure of substrate-bound human telomerase holoenzyme. Nature, Vol.557 (7704), pp. 190-195.

Patel, A.B. Louder, R.K. Greber, B.J. Grünberg, S. Luo, J. Fang, J. Liu, Y. Ranish, J. Hahn, S. Nogales, E. (2018). Structure of human TFIID and mechanism of TBP loading onto promoter DNA. Science, Vol.362 (6421).  show abstract

Greber, B.J. Nguyen, T.H. Fang, J. Afonine, P.V. Adams, P.D. Nogales, E. (2017). The cryo-electron microscopy structure of human transcription factor IIH. Nature, Vol.549 (7672), pp. 414-417.  show abstract

Sutter, M. Greber, B. Aussignargues, C. Kerfeld, C.A. (2017). Assembly principles and structure of a 6 5-MDa bacterial microcompartment shell. Science, Vol.356 (6344), pp. 1293-1297.  show abstract

Greber, B.J. (2016). Mechanistic insight into eukaryotic 60S ribosomal subunit biogenesis by cryo-electron microscopy. Rna, Vol.22 (11), pp. 1643-1662.  show abstract

Greber, B.J. Gerhardy, S. Leitner, A. Leibundgut, M. Salem, M. Boehringer, D. Leulliot, N. Aebersold, R. Panse, V.G. Ban, N. (2016). Insertion of the Biogenesis Factor Rei1 Probes the Ribosomal Tunnel during 60S Maturation. Cell, Vol.164 (1-2), pp. 91-102.  show abstract

Greber, B.J. Bieri, P. Leibundgut, M. Leitner, A. Aebersold, R. Boehringer, D. Ban, N. (2015). The complete structure of the 55S mammalian mitochondrial ribosome. Science, Vol.348 (6232), pp. 303-6.

Greber, B.J. Boehringer, D. Leitner, A. Bieri, P. Voigts-Hoffmann, F. Erzberger, J.P. Leibundgut, M. Aebersold, R. Ban, N. (2014). Architecture of the large subunit of the mammalian mitochondrial ribosome. Nature, Vol.505 (7484), pp. 515-519.

Godinic-Mikulcic, V. Jaric, J. Greber, B.J. Franke, V. Hodnik, V. Anderluh, G. Ban, N. Weygand-Durasevic, I. (2014). Archaeal aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases interact with the ribosome to recycle tRNAs. Nucleic acids research, Vol.42 (8), pp. 5191-5201.

Greber, B.J. Boehringer, D. Leibundgut, M. Bieri, P. Leitner, A. Schmitz, N. Aebersold, R. Ban, N. (2014). The complete structure of the large subunit of the mammalian mitochondrial ribosome. Nature, Vol.515 (7526), pp. 283-286.

Greber, B.J. Boehringer, D. Godinic-Mikulcic, V. Crnkovic, A. Ibba, M. Weygand-Durasevic, I. Ban, N. (2012). Cryo-EM Structure of the Archaeal 50S Ribosomal Subunit in Complex with Initiation Factor 6 and Implications for Ribosome Evolution. Journal of molecular biology, Vol.418 (3-4), pp. 145-160.

Greber, B.J. Boehringer, D. Montellese, C. Ban, N. (2012). Cryo-EM structures of Arx1 and maturation factors Rei1 and Jjj1 bound to the 60S ribosomal subunit. Nature structural & molecular biology, Vol.19 (12), pp. 1228-1233.

Neurohr, G. Naegeli, A. Titos, I. Theler, D. Greber, B. Díez, J. Gabaldón, T. Mendoza, M. Barral, Y. (2011). A Midzone-Based Ruler Adjusts Chromosome Compaction to Anaphase Spindle Length. Science, Vol.332 (6028), pp. 465-468.  show abstract

Kohler, R. Boehringer, D. Greber, B. Bingel-Erlenmeyer, R. Collinson, I. Schaffitzel, C. Ban, N. (2009). YidC and Oxa1 Form Dimeric Insertion Pores on the Translating Ribosome. Molecular cell, Vol.34 (3), pp. 344-353.

Bar-Yaacov, D. Frumkin, I. Yashiro, Y. Chujo, T. Ishigami, Y. Chemla, Y. Blumberg, A. Schlesinger, O. Bieri, P. Greber, B. Ban, N. Zarivach, R. Alfonta, L. Pilpel, Y. Suzuki, T. Mishmar, D. Mitochondrial 16S rRNA Is Methylated by tRNA Methyltransferase TRMT61B in All Vertebrates. Plos biology, Vol.14 (9), pp. e1002557-e1002557.

Book Chapters

Greber, B.J. Nogales, E. (2019). The Structures of Eukaryotic Transcription Pre-initiation Complexes and Their Functional Implications. Subcellular Biochemistry. (pp. 143-192). Springer International Publishing, ISBN: 9783030281502.

Greber, B.J. Ban, N. (2016). Structure and Function of the Mitochondrial Ribosome. . (pp. 103-132). Annual Reviews.

Boehringer, D. Greber, B. Ban, N. (2011). Mechanistic insight into co-translational protein processing, folding, targeting, and membrane insertion. Ribosomes. (pp. 405-418). Springer Vienna, ISBN: 9783709102145.

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