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Awards, Prizes or Honours

Bronze Clinical Excellence Award, Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, 2005.

NIHR Senior Investigator, National Institute of Health Research, 2008, 2011.

AACR Highly Rated Paper, American Association for Cancer Research, 2009.

Bronze Clinical Excellence Award (extended for further 5 years), Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, 2010.

Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Academy of Medical Sciences, 2012.

Awarded Skeggs Medal for lecture 'Using genetics for designer care in oncology: Prostate cancer for example;, Royal College of Radiologists - London, 2013.

NIHR Senior Investigator Emeritus, NIHR, 2014.

BMA Council Chari's Award for best medical book of the year 'Cancer Prevention and Screening', BMA, 2019.

Kings Fund Travel Award to study abroad, Kings, 1993.

BOA/Bristol-Myers Squibb ASCO Travel Award, ASCO, 1992.

AACR Travel Award, AACR, 1991.

The Institute of Cancer Research Poster Prize, ICR, 1991.

Seymour-Graves-Toller Prize for Medicine, Seymour-Graves-Toller, 1984.

The Bristow Medal for Pathology, Bristow, 1983.

Lord Riddell Surgical Prize, , 1983.

College Prize: Trinity Hall, Cambridge, , 1980.

Tripos Scholarship: Trinity Hall, Cambridge, , 1980.

College Prize: Trinity Hall, Cambridge, , 1979.

Entrance Scholarship: Trinity Hall, Cambridge, , 1978.

Editorial Boards

Open Journal of Genomics, 2010.

Prostate Cancer, 2010-2015.

BJU International, 2008.

International Journal of Cancer, 2008.

Oncogene, 2007.

Hereditary Cancer in Clinical Practice, 2007-2010.

Prostate Cancer and Prostastic Disease, 2000-2011.

Cancer Medicine, 2012-2015.

InterAct, 2002-2011.

JNCI, 2015-2017.

European Urology Oncology, 2017.

Familial Cancer, 2018.

External Committees

Advisor to risks and benefits project, Advisor, Genetic Alliance, 2010-2016.

Medical Advisory Panel, Member, Chai Cancer Care, 2008-2013.

Advisory Board, Member, SEEGen, 2006-2011.

British Oncological Association Council, Member, British Oncological Association, 2002-2011.

External Scientific Review Panel, Member, Wales Cancer Bank, 2008-2016.

Protocol Enhancements Review Committee, Member, UK Biobank, 2009-2011.

Clinical Fellows Selection Panel, Member, Cancer Research UK, 2011-2016.

UK National/regional representative for the IHCC, Member, IHCC International Hereditary Cancer Committee (Poland), 2004-2011.

Scientfic Committee, Member, Prostate Action, 2004-2012.

Fellowship Selection Committee, Member, IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer; World Health Organisation), 2006-2010.

Scientific Committee, Member, Prostate Action (Merger of PCRF and Prostate UK), 2011-2016.

IMPACT Study (The Identification of Men with Predisposition to Prostate Cancer: Targeted screening in BRCA1/2 mutation carriers - Steering Committee, Founder and Chairman, IMPACT STUDY, 2006.

Prostate Cancer Association Study, Founder and Chairman, PRACTICAL, 2007.

Steering Committee, Member, ICPCG International Consortium for Prostate Cancer Genetics, 1996.

International Scientific Steering Committee, Member, ICGC International Cancer Genome Consortium, 2011.

Committee of ethnicity and access study, Member, Genetic Alliance, 2010-2016.

Advisory Committee for the Study of MRI Breast Sreening v Mammography in High Risk Women, Genetics Advisor, MARIBS, 1998-2008.

Prospective Study Steering Committee, Member, POSH, 2010.

Steering Committee, Founder and Chairman, CEC: Clinical Ellipse Consortium, 2011.

Steering Committee, Member, The Cancer Genetics Group, 2009-2013.

Expert Advisory Group on Data Access, Member, Wellcome Trust, MRC. ESRC, CR-UK, 2012-2014.

Academy of Medical Sciences, Fellow, Academy of Medical Sciences, 2012.

Prostate Clinical Studies Group, Member, NCRI - Prostate Clinical Studies Group, 2012-2018.

Economics Returns to Cancer Research Advisory Group, Member, CR-UK, 2012-2013.

Member of PCUK RAC PHD Studentship review panel, . PCUK, 2013-2014.

Member of PDQ Cancer Genetics Editorial Advisory Board, . NCI, 2013-2014.

Member of UK Biobank: Cancer Outcomes Working Group, . BIOBANK, 2014-2016.

Member of the Academy of Medical Sciences Sectional committee Five, . Academy of Medical Sciences, 2014-2019.

Member of Expert Advisory Group on data Access, . EAGDA, 2015.

Clinical Careers Committee – Research Bursaries, . CRUK, 2015-2017.

Member of the Science Communication Forum, . Science Communication Forum, 2015.

Member of International Consensus Panel for APCCC for genetic aspect of prostate cancer management, . APCCC

Member of the CRUK Science Committee, . CRUK, 2017.

Member of Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) Scientific Advisory Board, . CNIO, 2019-2022.

Breakthrough Breast Cancer Clinical Experts Reference Group, . Breast Cancer Care, 2006-2010.

Invited representative for Cancer Research UK on the Biobank review panel, . CRUK, 2009.

Member of the IMPAHC Scientific Committee, . IMPAHC, 2009-2011.

IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer; World Health Organisation) Fellowship Selection Committee, . IARC, 2009-2011.

Member of the International Hereditary Cancer Committee (Poland). UK national/regional representative for the IHCC, . International Hereditary Cancer Committee, 2004-2011.

Review Panel, Irish Cancer Society, Collaborative Cancer Research Centre, . Irish Cancer Society, 2013-2013.

Member of Prostate Cancer UK Research Advisory Committee, . Prostate Cancer UK Research, 2013-2015.

Scientific Committee, . ESMO, 26/09/2014-26/09/2014.

Member of Consensus Expert Panel, Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference, St. Gallen, Switzerland, . Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference, 12/03/2015-12/03/2015.

Member of Academy of Medical Sciences Sectional Committee, . Academy of Medical Sciences, 2014-2016.

Member of Planning Committee, . Member of Planning Committee, 2015-2015.

Member of 2020 Healthcare Technology Foresight Committee, . Member of 2020 Healthcare Technology Foresight Committee, 2000-2000.

Research Funders' Forum, . MRC, 2000-2000.

Development of the Interactive Programme on Cancer Genetics with the IEP team, . Development of the Interactive Programme on Cancer Genetics with the IEP team, 2000-2001.

Member of the British Oncological Association Council, . British Oncological Association Council, 1998-2001.

Medical Advisory Committee member, advising on cancer genetics for the Women's Nationwide Cancer Control Campaign, . Women's Nationwide Cancer Control Campaign, 1993-2001.

Governor of the BUPA Research Foundation, . BUPA, 2000-2003.

Cancer Genetics Representative on the Department of Health National Genetics Commissioning Advisory Group (GenCAG), . Department of Health National Genetics, 2001-2003.

Member of The Breast Unit Research Strategy Group, . The Breast Unit Research Strategy Group, 2004-2004.

The Genetics Clinical Network Advisory Group, . The Genetics Clinical Network Advisory Group, 2004-2004.

Member of the Steering Committee, Cancer Family Study Group - now the Cancer Genetics Group, . Cancer Genetics Group, 1997-2006.

Member of the Editorial Board for the British Journal of Cancer, . British Journal of Cancer, 2000-2006.

Member of the Research Committee of the UK Forum for Genetics and Insurance, . UK Forum for Genetics and Insurance, 2000-2007.

Independent Advisor and Member of the Steering Committee of the London IDEAS Genetics Knowledge Park, . London IDEAS Genetics Knowledge Park, 2003-2007.

Assessor of Research Projects for The Royal College of Surgeons of England, . The Royal College of Surgeons of England, 2000-2007.

Grant Reviewer for The University Grants Committee of Hong Kong, . The University Grants Committee of Hong Kong, 1999-2007.

International Secretary of the British Oncological Association Council, . British Oncological Association Council, 2003-2008.

Member of Women with Increased Risk of Breast Cancer Working Party, . Women with Increased Risk of Breast Cancer Working Party, 2006-2008.

Genetics commissioners' meetings for London, . Genetics commissioners' meetings for London, 2001-2009.

Consultant member of the Medical Advisory Committee representing the Cancer Genetics Unit, . Medical Advisory Committee representing the Cancer Genetics Unit, 2004-2009.

Member of the Pan Thames Genetics Advisory Committee, . Pan Thames Genetics, 2000-2009.

Cancer Research UK Genotyping Prioritisation Committee, . Cancer Research UK, 2005-2009.

Cancer Research UK Population and Behavioural Sciences Committee, . Cancer Research UK, 2003-2009.

London Gynaecological Oncology Group member (as AHT trial co-ordinator, . London Gynaecological Oncology, 1991-1993.

Medical Women's Federation Representative for the Women's Nationwide Cancer Control Campaign, . Women's Nationwide Cancer Control Campaign, 1992-1993.

Member of the UK Cancer Family Study Group committee to write guidelines for predictive genetic 17q testing, . UK Cancer Family Study, 1993-1993.

Member of the UK Cancer Family Study Group committee to write guidelines for the management of women with a familial risk of breast cancer, . UK Cancer Family Study, 1993-1993.

Scientific Advisory Committee, Thames Cancer Registry. Member for the Royal Marsden Hospital NHS Trust, . RMH, 1994-1996.

Member of the Harper Government Committee to write guidelines for Cancer Genetics Services (1997), . Cancer Genetics Services, 1997-1997.

Member of the Clinical Oncology Information Network (COIN) working party for prostate cancer, . Clinical Oncology Information Network, 1998-1998.

Advisor to Medical Women’s Federation on preparation of the Office of Science and Technology document ‘Review of the Framework for Overseeing Developments in Biotechnology’, . Medical Women’s Federation, 1999-1999.

Advisor, Nuffield Trust Genetics Scenario Project, . Nuffield Trust Genetics Scenario Project, 1999-1999.

Invited Member Public Policy Committee, . Invited Member Public Policy Committee, 2000-2000.

Member of Breakthrough Breast Cancer Centre Clinical Advisory Group, . Breakthrough Breast Cancer Centre, 2000-2000.

Member of BOA/BODMA Organising Committee, . BOA/BODMA, 2000-2000.