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Awards, Prizes or Honours

Frank Doyle medal, Royal College of Radiologists, 1990.

Rohan Williams Medal, Royal College of Radiologists, 1992.

Visiting Professor, Princess Margaret Hospital Toronto. .

Editorial Boards

Clinical Oncoogy, 2011.

F1000, 2010.

External Committees

Testis cancer study group, chair, National Cancer Research Institute, 2003-2009.

Testis cancer study group, member, National Cancer Research Institute, 2009-2015.

Bladder cancer sub group, member, National Cancer Research Institute, 2010.

Bladder cancer sub group, member, National Cancer Research Institute, 2001-2006.

CT rad work stream 3, member, National Cancer Research Institute, 2009.

Education board, member, Royal College of Radiologist, 2001-2006.

Specialist Training Advisory committee, member, Royal College of Radiologist, 2009-2014.

Part 1 examination board, examiner, Royal College of Radiologist, 2000-2006.

MSC course, course director, Institute of Cancer research, 2006.

Bladder Cancer Guideline development group, member, National Institute of Clinical excellence, 2012-2015.

Management group, Founding member, Education Secretary, Trustee, British Uro Oncology Group, 2003.

CT RAD Workstream 3, Co-Chair, National Cancer Research Instutute, 2017.

Bladder cancer guidelines, Member, European Society of Medical Oncology, 2019.

Radiotherapy working group (CT RAD), Chair, National Cancer Research Institute, 2022.

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