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Needleman, S.H. Kim, M. McClelland, J.R. Naish, J.H. Tibiletti, M. O'Connor, J.P. Parker, G.J. (2024). Independent component analysis (ICA) applied to dynamic oxygen-enhanced MRI (OE-MRI) for robust functional lung imaging at 3 T. Magn reson med, Vol.91 (3), pp. 955-971.  show abstract

Huang, E.P. O'Connor, J.P. McShane, L.M. Giger, M.L. Lambin, P. Kinahan, P.E. Siegel, E.L. Shankar, L.K. (2023). Criteria for the translation of radiomics into clinically useful tests. Nat rev clin oncol, Vol.20 (2), pp. 69-82.  show abstract

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Morgan, R.D. Clamp, A.R. White, D.J. Price, M. Burghel, G.J. Ryder, W.D. Mahmood, R.D. Murphy, A.D. Hasan, J. Mitchell, C.L. Salih, Z. Wheeler, C. Buckley, E. Truelove, J. King, G. Ainaoui, Y. Bhaskar, S.S. Shaw, J. Evans, D.G. Kilerci, B. Pearce, S.P. Brady, G. Dive, C. O'Connor, J.P. Wallace, A.J. Rothwell, D.G. Edmondson, R.J. Jayson, G.C. (2023). Multi-Maintenance Olaparib Therapy in Relapsed, Germline BRCA1/2-Mutant High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer (MOLTO): A Phase II Trial. Clin cancer res, Vol.29 (14), pp. 2602-2611.  show abstract

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Zhou, C. O'Connor, J. Backen, A. Valle, J.W. Bridgewater, J. Dive, C. Jayson, G.C. (2022). Plasma Tie2 trajectories identify vascular response criteria for VEGF inhibitors across advanced biliary tract, colorectal and ovarian cancers. Esmo open, Vol.7 (2), p. 100417.  show abstract

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Fornacon-Wood, I. Mistry, H. Johnson-Hart, C. Faivre-Finn, C. O'Connor, J.P. Price, G.J. (2022). Bayesian methods provide a practical real-world evidence framework for evaluating the impact of changes in radiotherapy. Radiother oncol, Vol.176, pp. 53-58.  show abstract

Tar, P.D. Thacker, N.A. Babur, M. Lipowska-Bhalla, G. Cheung, S. Little, R.A. Williams, K.J. O'Connor, J.P. (2022). Habitat Imaging of Tumors Enables High Confidence Sub-Regional Assessment of Response to Therapy. Cancers (basel), Vol.14 (9).  show abstract

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deSouza, N.M. Choudhury, A. Greaves, M. O'Connor, J.P. Hoskin, P.J. (2022). Imaging hypoxia in endometrial cancer: How and why should it be done?. Front oncol, Vol.12, p. 1020907.

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Shur, J.D. Doran, S.J. Kumar, S. Ap Dafydd, D. Downey, K. O'Connor, J.P. Papanikolaou, N. Messiou, C. Koh, D.-. Orton, M.R. (2021). Radiomics in Oncology: A Practical Guide. Radiographics, Vol.41 (6), pp. 1717-1732.  show abstract

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