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Yap, C. Bedding, A. de Bono, J. Dimairo, M. Espinasse, A. Evans, J. Hopewell, S. Jaki, T. Kightley, A. Lee, S. Liu, R. Mander, A. Solovyeva, O. Weir, C.J. (2022). The need for reporting guidelines for early phase dose-finding trials: Dose-Finding CONSORT Extension. Nat med, Vol.28 (1), pp. 6-7.

Vanderbeek, A.M. Bliss, J.M. Yin, Z. Yap, C. (2022). Implementation of platform trials in the COVID-19 pandemic: A rapid review. Contemp clin trials, Vol.112, p. 106625.  show abstract

Copland, M. Slade, D. McIlroy, G. Horne, G. Byrne, J.L. Rothwell, K. Brock, K. De Lavallade, H. Craddock, C. Clark, R.E. Smith, M.L. Fletcher, R. Bishop, R. Milojkovic, D. Yap, C. (2022). Ponatinib with fludarabine, cytarabine, idarubicin, and granulocyte colony-stimulating factor chemotherapy for patients with blast-phase chronic myeloid leukaemia (MATCHPOINT): a single-arm, multicentre, phase 1/2 trial. Lancet haematol, Vol.9 (2), pp. e121-e132.  show abstract

Lai-Kwon, J. Vanderbeek, A.M. Minchom, A. Lee Aiyegbusi, O. Ogunleye, D. Stephens, R. Calvert, M. Yap, C. (2022). Using Patient-Reported Outcomes in Dose-Finding Oncology Trials: Surveys of Key Stakeholders and the National Cancer Research Institute Consumer Forum. Oncologist, Vol.27 (9), pp. 768-777.  show abstract

Homer, V. Yap, C. Bond, S. Holmes, J. Stocken, D. Walker, K. Robinson, E.J. Wheeler, G. Brown, S. Hinsley, S. Schipper, M. Weir, C.J. Rantell, K. Prior, T. Yu, L.-. Kirkpatrick, J. Bedding, A. Gamble, C. Gaunt, P. (2022). Early phase clinical trials extension to guidelines for the content of statistical analysis plans. Bmj, Vol.376, p. e068177.  show abstract

Cruz Rivera, S. Aiyegbusi, O.L. Ives, J. Draper, H. Mercieca-Bebber, R. Ells, C. Hunn, A. Scott, J.A. Fernandez, C.V. Dickens, A.P. Anderson, N. Bhatnagar, V. Bottomley, A. Campbell, L. Collett, C. Collis, P. Craig, K. Davies, H. Golub, R. Gosden, L. Gnanasakthy, A. Haf Davies, E. von Hildebrand, M. Lord, J.M. Mahendraratnam, N. Miyaji, T. Morel, T. Monteiro, J. Zwisler, A.-. Peipert, J.D. Roydhouse, J. Stover, A.M. Wilson, R. Yap, C. Calvert, M.J. (2022). Ethical Considerations for the Inclusion of Patient-Reported Outcomes in Clinical Research: The PRO Ethics Guidelines. Jama, Vol.327 (19), pp. 1910-1919.  show abstract

Lai-Kwon, J. Yin, Z. Minchom, A. Yap, C. (2021). Trends in patient-reported outcome use in early phase dose-finding oncology trials - an analysis of ClinicalTrials gov. Cancer med, Vol.10 (22), pp. 7943-7957.  show abstract

Craddock, C. Slade, D. De Santo, C. Wheat, R. Ferguson, P. Hodgkinson, A. Brock, K. Cavenagh, J. Ingram, W. Dennis, M. Malladi, R. Siddique, S. Mussai, F. Yap, C. (2019). Combination Lenalidomide and Azacitidine: A Novel Salvage Therapy in Patients Who Relapse After Allogeneic Stem-Cell Transplantation for Acute Myeloid Leukemia. J clin oncol, Vol.37 (7), pp. 580-588.  show abstract

Wason, J.M. Brocklehurst, P. Yap, C. (2019). When to keep it simple - adaptive designs are not always useful. Bmc med, Vol.17 (1), p. 152.  show abstract

Yap, C. Billingham, L.J. Cheung, Y.K. Craddock, C. O'Quigley, J. (2017). Dose Transition Pathways: The Missing Link Between Complex Dose-Finding Designs and Simple Decision-Making. Clin cancer res, Vol.23 (24), pp. 7440-7447.  show abstract