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Barr, A.R. Heldt, F.S. Zhang, T. Bakal, C. Novák, B. (2016). A Dynamical Framework for the All-or-None G1/S Transition. Cell syst, Vol.2 (1), pp. 27-37.  show abstract  full text

Sero, J.E. Sailem, H.Z. Ardy, R.C. Almuttaqi, H. Zhang, T. Bakal, C. (2015). Cell shape and the microenvironment regulate nuclear translocation of NF-κB in breast epithelial and tumor cells. Mol syst biol, Vol.11 (3), p. 790.  show abstract  full text

Barr, A.R. Bakal, C. (2015). A sensitised RNAi screen reveals a ch-TOG genetic interaction network required for spindle assembly. Sci rep, Vol.5, p. 10564.  show abstract

Cooper, S. Sadok, A. Bousgouni, V. Bakal, C. (2015). Apolar and polar transitions drive the conversion between amoeboid and mesenchymal shapes in melanoma cells. Mol biol cell, Vol.26 (22), pp. 4163-4170.  show abstract  full text

Sailem, H.Z. Sero, J.E. Bakal, C. (2015). Visualizing cellular imaging data using PhenoPlot. Nat commun, Vol.6, p. 5825.  show abstract  full text

Sanchez-Alvarez, M. Zhang, Q. Finger, F. Wakelam, M.J. Bakal, C. (2015). Cell cycle progression is an essential regulatory component of phospholipid metabolism and membrane homeostasis. Open biol, Vol.5 (9), p. 150093.  show abstract

Yin, Z. Sailem, H. Sero, J. Ardy, R. Wong, S.T. Bakal, C. (2014). How cells explore shape space: a quantitative statistical perspective of cellular morphogenesis. Bioessays, Vol.36 (12), pp. 1195-1203.  show abstract  full text

Sailem, H. Bousgouni, V. Cooper, S. Bakal, C. (2014). Cross-talk between Rho and Rac GTPases drives deterministic exploration of cellular shape space and morphological heterogeneity. Open biol, Vol.4 (1), p. 130132.  show abstract

Sanchez-Alvarez, M. Finger, F. Arias-Garcia, M.D. Bousgouni, V. Pascual-Vargas, P. Bakal, C. (2014). Signaling networks converge on TORC1-SREBP activity to promote endoplasmic reticulum homeostasis. Plos one, Vol.9 (7), p. e101164.  show abstract

Yin, Z. Sadok, A. Sailem, H. McCarthy, A. Xia, X. Li, F. Garcia, M.A. Evans, L. Barr, A.R. Perrimon, N. Marshall, C.J. Wong, S.T. Bakal, C. (2013). A screen for morphological complexity identifies regulators of switch-like transitions between discrete cell shapes. Nature cell biology, Vol.15 (7), pp. 860-+.  full text

Evans, L. Sailem, H. Vargas, P.P. Bakal, C. (2013). Inferring signalling networks from images. J microsc, Vol.252 (1), pp. 1-7.  show abstract  full text

Bakal, C. (2013). Chris Bakal: Look and learn Interviewed by Caitlin Sedwick. J cell biol, Vol.203 (3), pp. 378-379.  show abstract

Meiri, D. Marshall, C.B. Greeve, M.A. Kim, B. Balan, M. Suarez, F. Bakal, C. Wu, C. Larose, J. Fine, N. Ikura, M. Rottapel, R. (2012). Mechanistic insight into the microtubule and actin cytoskeleton coupling through dynein-dependent RhoGEF inhibition. Mol cell, Vol.45 (5), pp. 642-655.  show abstract

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Sero, J.E. Thodeti, C.K. Mammoto, A. Bakal, C. Thomas, S. Ingber, D.E. (2011). Paxillin mediates sensing of physical cues and regulates directional cell motility by controlling lamellipodia positioning. Plos one, Vol.6 (12), p. e28303.  show abstract

Nir, O. Bakal, C. Perrimon, N. Berger, B. (2010). Inference of RhoGAP/GTPase regulation using single-cell morphological data from a combinatorial RNAi screen. Genome res, Vol.20 (3), pp. 372-380.  show abstract

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