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Flaherty, R.L. Sflomos, G. Brisken, C. (2024). Is There a Special Role for Ovarian Hormones in the Pathogenesis of Lobular Carcinoma?. Endocrinology, Vol.165 (5).  show abstract

Ronchi, C. Brisken, C. (2023). Targeting the Progesterone Receptor in Breast Cancer: Mind the Short Form!. Clin cancer res, Vol.29 (5), pp. 833-834.  show abstract  full text

Gibson, S.V. Tomas Bort, E. Rodríguez-Fernández, L. Allen, M.D. Gomm, J.J. Goulding, I. Auf dem Keller, U. Agnoletto, A. Brisken, C. Peck, B. Cameron, A.J. Marshall, J.F. Jones, J.L. Carter, E.P. Grose, R.P. (2023). TGFβ-mediated MMP13 secretion drives myoepithelial cell dependent breast cancer progression. Npj breast cancer, Vol.9 (1), p. 9.  show abstract  full text

Sflomos, G. Schaumann, N. Christgen, M. Christgen, H. Bartels, S. Kreipe, H. Battista, L. Brisken, C. (2023). Optimized Modeling of Metastatic Triple-Negative Invasive Lobular Breast Carcinoma. Cancers (basel), Vol.15 (13).  show abstract  full text

Aouad, P. Quinn, H.M. Berger, A. Brisken, C. (2023). Tumor dormancy: EMT beyond invasion and metastasis. Genesis, , p. e23552.  show abstract

Scabia, V. Ayyanan, A. De Martino, F. Agnoletto, A. Battista, L. Laszlo, C. Treboux, A. Zaman, K. Stravodimou, A. Jallut, D. Fiche, M. Bucher, P. Ambrosini, G. Sflomos, G. Brisken, C. (2022). Estrogen receptor positive breast cancers have patient specific hormone sensitivities and rely on progesterone receptor. Nat commun, Vol.13 (1), p. 3127.  show abstract  full text

Bernier-Latmani, J. Mauri, C. Marcone, R. Renevey, F. Durot, S. He, L. Vanlandewijck, M. Maclachlan, C. Davanture, S. Zamboni, N. Knott, G.W. Luther, S.A. Betsholtz, C. Delorenzi, M. Brisken, C. Petrova, T.V. (2022). ADAMTS18+ villus tip telocytes maintain a polarized VEGFA signaling domain and fenestrations in nutrient-absorbing intestinal blood vessels. Nat commun, Vol.13 (1), p. 3983.  show abstract  full text

Staaf, J. Häkkinen, J. Hegardt, C. Saal, L.H. Kimbung, S. Hedenfalk, I. Lien, T. Sørlie, T. Naume, B. Russnes, H. Marcone, R. Ayyanan, A. Brisken, C. Malterling, R.R. Asking, B. Olofsson, H. Lindman, H. Bendahl, P.-. Ehinger, A. Larsson, C. Loman, N. Rydén, L. Malmberg, M. Borg, Å. Vallon-Christersson, J. (2022). RNA sequencing-based single sample predictors of molecular subtype and risk of recurrence for clinical assessment of early-stage breast cancer. Npj breast cancer, Vol.8 (1), p. 94.  show abstract  full text

Aouad, P. Zhang, Y. De Martino, F. Stibolt, C. Ali, S. Ambrosini, G. Mani, S.A. Maggs, K. Quinn, H.M. Sflomos, G. Brisken, C. (2022). Epithelial-mesenchymal plasticity determines estrogen receptor positive breast cancer dormancy and epithelial reconversion drives recurrence. Nat commun, Vol.13 (1), p. 4975.  show abstract  full text

Sflomos, G. Battista, L. Aouad, P. De Martino, F. Scabia, V. Stravodimou, A. Ayyanan, A. Ifticene-Treboux, A. RLS, Bucher, P. Fiche, M. Ambrosini, G. Brisken, C. (2021). Intraductal xenografts show lobular carcinoma cells rely on their own extracellular matrix and LOXL1. Embo mol med, Vol.13 (3), p. e13180.  show abstract  full text

Juppet, Q. De Martino, F. Marcandalli, E. Weigert, M. Burri, O. Unser, M. Brisken, C. Sage, D. (2021). Deep Learning Enables Individual Xenograft Cell Classification in Histological Images by Analysis of Contextual Features. J mammary gland biol neoplasia, Vol.26 (2), pp. 101-112.  show abstract  full text

Shamseddin, M. De Martino, F. Constantin, C. Scabia, V. Lancelot, A.-. Laszlo, C. Ayyannan, A. Battista, L. Raffoul, W. Gailloud-Matthieu, M.-. Bucher, P. Fiche, M. Ambrosini, G. Sflomos, G. Brisken, C. (2021). Contraceptive progestins with androgenic properties stimulate breast epithelial cell proliferation. Embo mol med, Vol.13 (7), p. e14314.  show abstract  full text

Sflomos, G. Schipper, K. Koorman, T. Fitzpatrick, A. Oesterreich, S. Lee, A.V. Jonkers, J. Brunton, V.G. Christgen, M. Isacke, C. Derksen, P.W. Brisken, C. (2021). Atlas of Lobular Breast Cancer Models: Challenges and Strategic Directions. Cancers (basel), Vol.13 (21).  show abstract  full text

Koch, C. Kuske, A. Joosse, S.A. Yigit, G. Sflomos, G. Thaler, S. Smit, D.J. Werner, S. Borgmann, K. Gärtner, S. Mossahebi Mohammadi, P. Battista, L. Cayrefourcq, L. Altmüller, J. Salinas-Riester, G. Raithatha, K. Zibat, A. Goy, Y. Ott, L. Bartkowiak, K. Tan, T.Z. Zhou, Q. Speicher, M.R. Müller, V. Gorges, T.M. Jücker, M. Thiery, J.-. Brisken, C. Riethdorf, S. Alix-Panabières, C. Pantel, K. (2020). Characterization of circulating breast cancer cells with tumorigenic and metastatic capacity. Embo mol med, Vol.12 (9), p. e11908.  show abstract  full text

Brisken, C. Scabia, V. (2020). 90 YEARS OF PROGESTERONE: Progesterone receptor signaling in the normal breast and its implications for cancer. J mol endocrinol, Vol.65 (1), pp. T81-T94.  show abstract  full text

Gagniac, L. Rusidzé, M. Boudou, F. Cagnet, S. Adlanmerini, M. Jeannot, P. Gaide, N. Giton, F. Besson, A. Weyl, A. Gourdy, P. Raymond-Letron, I. Arnal, J.-. Brisken, C. Lenfant, F. (2020). Membrane expression of the estrogen receptor ERα is required for intercellular communications in the mammary epithelium. Development, Vol.147 (5).  show abstract  full text

Siersbæk, R. Scabia, V. Nagarajan, S. Chernukhin, I. Papachristou, E.K. Broome, R. Johnston, S.J. Joosten, S.E. Green, A.R. Kumar, S. Jones, J. Omarjee, S. Alvarez-Fernandez, R. Glont, S. Aitken, S.J. Kishore, K. Cheeseman, D. Rakha, E.A. D'Santos, C. Zwart, W. Russell, A. Brisken, C. Carroll, J.S. (2020). IL6/STAT3 Signaling Hijacks Estrogen Receptor α Enhancers to Drive Breast Cancer Metastasis. Cancer cell, Vol.38 (3), pp. 412-423.e9.  show abstract  full text

Cartaxo, A.L. Estrada, M.F. Domenici, G. Roque, R. Silva, F. Gualda, E.J. Loza-Alvarez, P. Sflomos, G. Brisken, C. Alves, P.M. André, S. Brito, C. (2020). A novel culture method that sustains ERα signaling in human breast cancer tissue microstructures. J exp clin cancer res, Vol.39 (1), p. 161.  show abstract  full text

Ataca, D. Aouad, P. Constantin, C. Laszlo, C. Beleut, M. Shamseddin, M. Rajaram, R.D. Jeitziner, R. Mead, T.J. Caikovski, M. Bucher, P. Ambrosini, G. Apte, S.S. Brisken, C. (2020). The secreted protease Adamts18 links hormone action to activation of the mammary stem cell niche. Nat commun, Vol.11 (1), p. 1571.  show abstract  full text

Fiche, M. Scabia, V. Aouad, P. Battista, L. Treboux, A. Stravodimou, A. Zaman, K. RLS, Dormoy, V. Ayyanan, A. Sflomos, G. Brisken, C. (2019). Intraductal patient-derived xenografts of estrogen receptor α-positive breast cancer recapitulate the histopathological spectrum and metastatic potential of human lesions. J pathol, Vol.247 (3), pp. 287-292.  show abstract  full text

Jeitziner, R. Carrière, M. Rougemont, J. Oudot, S. Hess, K. Brisken, C. (2019). Two-Tier Mapper, an unbiased topology-based clustering method for enhanced global gene expression analysis. Bioinformatics, Vol.35 (18), pp. 3339-3347.  show abstract

Nacht, A.S. Ferrari, R. Zaurin, R. Scabia, V. Carbonell-Caballero, J. Le Dily, F. Quilez, J. Leopoldi, A. Brisken, C. Beato, M. Vicent, G.P. (2019). C/EBPα mediates the growth inhibitory effect of progestins on breast cancer cells. Embo j, Vol.38 (18), p. e101426.  show abstract  full text

Laszlo, C.F. Paz Montoya, J. Shamseddin, M. De Martino, F. Beguin, A. Nellen, R. Bruce, S.J. Moniatte, M. Henry, H. Brisken, C. (2019). A high resolution LC-MS targeted method for the concomitant analysis of 11 contraceptive progestins and 4 steroids. J pharm biomed anal, Vol.175, p. 112756.  show abstract  full text

Özdemir, B.C. Sflomos, G. Brisken, C. (2018). The challenges of modeling hormone receptor-positive breast cancer in mice. Endocr relat cancer, Vol.25 (5), pp. R319-R330.  show abstract

Cagnet, S. Ataca, D. Sflomos, G. Aouad, P. Schuepbach-Mallepell, S. Hugues, H. Krust, A. Ayyanan, A. Scabia, V. Brisken, C. (2018). Oestrogen receptor α AF-1 and AF-2 domains have cell population-specific functions in the mammary epithelium. Nat commun, Vol.9 (1), p. 4723.  show abstract  full text

George, A.L. Boulanger, C.A. Anderson, L.H. Cagnet, S. Brisken, C. Smith, G.H. (2017). In vivo reprogramming of non-mammary cells to an epithelial cell fate is independent of amphiregulin signaling. J cell sci, Vol.130 (12), pp. 2018-2025.  show abstract  full text

Dobrolecki, L.E. Airhart, S.D. Alferez, D.G. Aparicio, S. Behbod, F. Bentires-Alj, M. Brisken, C. Bult, C.J. Cai, S. Clarke, R.B. Dowst, H. Ellis, M.J. Gonzalez-Suarez, E. Iggo, R.D. Kabos, P. Li, S. Lindeman, G.J. Marangoni, E. McCoy, A. Meric-Bernstam, F. Piwnica-Worms, H. Poupon, M.-. Reis-Filho, J. Sartorius, C.A. Scabia, V. Sflomos, G. Tu, Y. Vaillant, F. Visvader, J.E. Welm, A. Wicha, M.S. Lewis, M.T. (2016). Patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models in basic and translational breast cancer research. Cancer metastasis rev, Vol.35 (4), pp. 547-573.  show abstract  full text

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Ataca, D. Caikovski, M. Piersigilli, A. Moulin, A. Benarafa, C. Earp, S.E. Guri, Y. Kostic, C. Arsenivic, Y. Soininen, R. Apte, S.S. Brisken, C. (2016). Adamts18 deletion results in distinct developmental defects and provides a model for congenital disorders of lens, lung, and female reproductive tract development. Biology open, Vol.5, pp. 1585-1594.  show abstract  full text

Blom, S. Wang, Y. Metsalu, T. Vesterinen, T. Pellinen, T. Grote, A. Linder, N. Säilä, J. Välimäki, K. Kovanen, R.-. Monni, O. Kovanen, P. Davies, E. Stock, K. Estrada, M. Sflomos, G. Grünewald, S. Brito, C. Schüler, J. de Hoogt, R. Brisken, C. van der Kuip, H. van Weerden, W. Barry, S. Sommergruber, W. Anderson, E. Nees, M. Klefström, J. Vilo, J. Verschuren, E. Graeser, R. Hickman, J. Lundin, J. Kallioniemi, O. (2015). Abstract 1698: Systems pathology for characterization of cancer model systems in a multicenter IMI-PREDECT project. Cancer research, Vol.75 (15_Supplement), pp. 1698-1698.  show abstract

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