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Smith, T.A. West, C.M. Joseph, N. Lane, B. Irlam-Jones, J. More, E. Mistry, H. Reeves, K.J. Song, Y.P. Reardon, M. Hoskin, P.J. Hussain, S.A. Denley, H. Hall, E. Porta, N. Huddart, R.A. James, N.D. Choudhury, A. (2024). A hypoxia biomarker does not predict benefit from giving chemotherapy with radiotherapy in the BC2001 randomised controlled trial. Ebiomedicine, Vol.101, p. 105032.  show abstract  full text

Larkin, J. Marais, R. Porta, N. Gonzalez de Castro, D. Parsons, L. Messiou, C. Stamp, G. Thompson, L. Edmonds, K. Sarker, S. Banerji, J. Lorigan, P. Evans, T.R. Corrie, P. Marshall, E. Middleton, M.R. Nathan, P. Nicholson, S. Ottensmeier, C. Plummer, R. Bliss, J. Valpione, S. Turajlic, S. (2024). Nilotinib in KIT-driven advanced melanoma: Results from the phase II single-arm NICAM trial. Cell rep med, Vol.5 (3), p. 101435.  show abstract  full text

Parr, H. Porta, N. Tree, A.C. Dearnaley, D. Hall, E. (2023). A Personalized Clinical Dynamic Prediction Model to Characterize Prognosis for Patients With Localized Prostate Cancer: Analysis of the CHHiP Phase 3 Trial. Int j radiat oncol biol phys, Vol.116 (5), pp. 1055-1068.  show abstract  full text

Philipps, L. Porta, N. James, N. Huddart, R. Hafeez, S. Hall, E. (2023). Correlation of Clinician- and Patient-Reported Outcomes in the BC2001 Trial. Clin oncol (r coll radiol), Vol.35 (5), pp. 331-338.  show abstract  full text

Philipps, L. Porta, N. James, N. Huddart, R. Hafeez, S. Ballas, L. Hall, E. (2023). Differences in Quality of Life and Toxicity for Male and Female Patients following Chemo(radiotherapy) for Bladder Cancer. Clin oncol (r coll radiol), Vol.35 (5), pp. e336-e343.  show abstract  full text

Dubec, M.J. Buckley, D.L. Berks, M. Clough, A. Gaffney, J. Datta, A. McHugh, D.J. Porta, N. Little, R.A. Cheung, S. Hague, C. Eccles, C.L. Hoskin, P.J. Bristow, R.G. Matthews, J.C. van Herk, M. Choudhury, A. Parker, G.J. McPartlin, A. O'Connor, J.P. (2023). First-in-human technique translation of oxygen-enhanced MRI to an MR Linac system in patients with head and neck cancer. Radiother oncol, Vol.183, p. 109592.  show abstract  full text

Ingles Garces, A.H. Porta, N. Graham, T.A. Banerji, U. (2023). Clinical trial designs for evaluating and exploiting cancer evolution. Cancer treat rev, Vol.118, p. 102583.  show abstract  full text

Keaveney, S. Dragan, A. Rata, M. Blackledge, M. Scurr, E. Winfield, J.M. Shur, J. Koh, D.-. Porta, N. Candito, A. King, A. Rennie, W. Gaba, S. Suresh, P. Malcolm, P. Davis, A. Nilak, A. Shah, A. Gandhi, S. Albrizio, M. Drury, A. Pratt, G. Cook, G. Roberts, S. Jenner, M. Brown, S. Kaiser, M. Messiou, C. (2023). Image quality in whole-body MRI using the MY-RADS protocol in a prospective multi-centre multiple myeloma study. Insights imaging, Vol.14 (1), p. 170.  show abstract  full text

Bliss, J. Porta, N. Emson, M. Miller, S. Morden, J. (2022). Combined Peri-operative Lapatinib and Trastuzumab in Early HER2 Positive Breast Cancer can Identify Early Responders: Results from the UK EPHOS-B Trial (CRUK/08/002. Clinical cancer research, .  full text

Bundred, N. Porta, N. Brunt, A.M. Cramer, A. Hanby, A. Shaaban, A.M. Rakha, E.A. Armstrong, A. Cutress, R.I. Dodwell, D. Emson, M.A. Evans, A. Hartup, S.M. Horgan, K. Miller, S.E. McIntosh, S.A. Morden, J.P. Naik, J. Narayanan, S. Ooi, J. Skene, A.I. Cameron, D.A. Bliss, J.M. (2022). Combined Perioperative Lapatinib and Trastuzumab in Early HER2-Positive Breast Cancer Identifies Early Responders: Randomized UK EPHOS-B Trial Long-Term Results. Clin cancer res, Vol.28 (7), pp. 1323-1334.  show abstract  full text

Hall, E. Hussain, S.A. Porta, N. Lewis, R. Crundwell, M. Jenkins, P. Rawlings, C. Tremlett, J. Sreenivasan, T. Wallace, J. Syndikus, I. Sheehan, D. Lydon, A. Huddart, R. James, N. BC2001 Investigators, (2022). Chemoradiotherapy in Muscle-invasive Bladder Cancer: 10-yr Follow-up of the Phase 3 Randomised Controlled BC2001 Trial. Eur urol, Vol.82 (3), pp. 273-279.  show abstract  full text

Parr, H. Hall, E. Porta, N. (2022). Joint models for dynamic prediction in localised prostate cancer: a literature review. Bmc med res methodol, Vol.22 (1), p. 245.  show abstract  full text

Hussain, S.A. Porta, N. Hall, E. Salawu, A. Lewis, R. Sreenivasan, T. Wallace, J. Crundwell, M. Jenkins, P. Tremlett, J. Huddart, R. James, N.D. BC2001 Investigators, (2021). Outcomes in Patients with Muscle-invasive Bladder Cancer Treated with Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Followed by (Chemo)radiotherapy in the BC2001 Trial. Eur urol, Vol.79 (2), pp. 307-315.  show abstract  full text

Choudhury, A. Porta, N. Hall, E. Song, Y.P. Owen, R. MacKay, R. West, C.M. Lewis, R. Hussain, S.A. James, N.D. Huddart, R. Hoskin, P. BC2001 and BCON investigators, (2021). Hypofractionated radiotherapy in locally advanced bladder cancer: an individual patient data meta-analysis of the BC2001 and BCON trials. Lancet oncol, Vol.22 (2), pp. 246-255.  show abstract  full text

Winfield, J.M. Wakefield, J.C. Brenton, J.D. AbdulJabbar, K. Savio, A. Freeman, S. Pace, E. Lutchman-Singh, K. Vroobel, K.M. Yuan, Y. Banerjee, S. Porta, N. Ahmed Raza, S.E. deSouza, N.M. (2021). Biomarkers for site-specific response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in epithelial ovarian cancer: relating MRI changes to tumour cell load and necrosis. Br j cancer, Vol.124 (6), pp. 1130-1137.  show abstract  full text

Messiou, C. Porta, N. Sharma, B. Levine, D. Koh, D.-. Boyd, K. Pawlyn, C. Riddell, A. Downey, K. Croft, J. Morgan, V. Stern, S. Cheung, B. Kyriakou, C. Kaczmarek, P. Winfield, J. Blackledge, M. Oyen, W.J. Kaiser, M.F. (2021). Prospective Evaluation of Whole-Body MRI versus FDG PET/CT for Lesion Detection in Participants with Myeloma. Radiol imaging cancer, Vol.3 (5), p. e210048.  show abstract  full text

McHugh, D.J. Porta, N. Little, R.A. Cheung, S. Watson, Y. Parker, G.J. Jayson, G.C. O'Connor, J.P. (2021). Image Contrast, Image Pre-Processing, and T1 Mapping Affect MRI Radiomic Feature Repeatability in Patients with Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases. Cancers (basel), Vol.13 (2).  show abstract  full text

Carreira, S. Porta, N. Arce-Gallego, S. Seed, G. Llop-Guevara, A. Bianchini, D. Rescigno, P. Paschalis, A. Bertan, C. Baker, C. Goodall, J. Miranda, S. Riisnaes, R. Figueiredo, I. Ferreira, A. Pereira, R. Crespo, M. Gurel, B. Nava Rodrigues, D. Pettitt, S.J. Yuan, W. Serra, V. Rekowski, J. Lord, C.J. Hall, E. Mateo, J. de Bono, J.S. (2021). Biomarkers Associating with PARP Inhibitor Benefit in Prostate Cancer in the TOPARP-B Trial. Cancer discov, Vol.11 (11), pp. 2812-2827.  show abstract  full text

Banerjee, S. Stewart, J. Porta, N. Toms, C. Leary, A. Lheureux, S. Khalique, S. Tai, J. Attygalle, A. Vroobel, K. Lord, C.J. Natrajan, R. Bliss, J. (2021). ATARI trial: ATR inhibitor in combination with olaparib in gynecological cancers with ARID1A loss or no loss (ENGOT/GYN1/NCRI). Int j gynecol cancer, Vol.31 (11), pp. 1471-1475.  show abstract  full text

Rescigno, P. Gurel, B. Pereira, R. Crespo, M. Rekowski, J. Rediti, M. Barrero, M. Mateo, J. Bianchini, D. Messina, C. Fenor de la Maza, M.D. Chandran, K. Carmichael, J. Guo, C. Paschalis, A. Sharp, A. Seed, G. Figueiredo, I. Lambros, M. Miranda, S. Ferreira, A. Bertan, C. Riisnaes, R. Porta, N. Yuan, W. Carreira, S. de Bono, J.S. (2021). Characterizing CDK12-Mutated Prostate Cancers. Clin cancer res, Vol.27 (2), pp. 566-574.  show abstract  full text

Mariam, N.B. Song, Y.P. Joseph, N. Hoskin, P. Reeves, K. Porta, N. James, N. Choudhury, A. (2021). Hypofractionation: less is more?. Oncotarget, Vol.12 (17), pp. 1729-1733.  show abstract  full text

Mateo, J. Seed, G. Bertan, C. Rescigno, P. Dolling, D. Figueiredo, I. Miranda, S. Nava Rodrigues, D. Gurel, B. Clarke, M. Atkin, M. Chandler, R. Messina, C. Sumanasuriya, S. Bianchini, D. Barrero, M. Petermolo, A. Zafeiriou, Z. Fontes, M. Perez-Lopez, R. Tunariu, N. Fulton, B. Jones, R. McGovern, U. Ralph, C. Varughese, M. Parikh, O. Jain, S. Elliott, T. Sandhu, S. Porta, N. Hall, E. Yuan, W. Carreira, S. de Bono, J.S. (2020). Genomics of lethal prostate cancer at diagnosis and castration resistance. J clin invest, Vol.130 (4), pp. 1743-1751.  show abstract  full text

Mateo, J. Porta, N. Bianchini, D. McGovern, U. Elliott, T. Jones, R. Syndikus, I. Ralph, C. Jain, S. Varughese, M. Parikh, O. Crabb, S. Robinson, A. McLaren, D. Birtle, A. Tanguay, J. Miranda, S. Figueiredo, I. Seed, G. Bertan, C. Flohr, P. Ebbs, B. Rescigno, P. Fowler, G. Ferreira, A. Riisnaes, R. Pereira, R. Curcean, A. Chandler, R. Clarke, M. Gurel, B. Crespo, M. Nava Rodrigues, D. Sandhu, S. Espinasse, A. Chatfield, P. Tunariu, N. Yuan, W. Hall, E. Carreira, S. de Bono, J.S. (2020). Olaparib in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer with DNA repair gene aberrations (TOPARP-B): a multicentre, open-label, randomised, phase 2 trial. Lancet oncol, Vol.21 (1), pp. 162-174.  show abstract  full text

Huddart, R.A. Hall, E. Lewis, R. Porta, N. Crundwell, M. Jenkins, P.J. Rawlings, C. Tremlett, J. Campani, L. Hendron, C. Hussain, S.A. James, N.D. BC2001 Investigators, (2020). Patient-reported Quality of Life Outcomes in Patients Treated for Muscle-invasive Bladder Cancer with Radiotherapy ± Chemotherapy in the BC2001 Phase III Randomised Controlled Trial. Eur urol, Vol.77 (2), pp. 260-268.  show abstract  full text

Cullen, M. Huddart, R. Joffe, J. Gardiner, D. Maynard, L. Hutton, P. Mazhar, D. Shamash, J. Wheater, M. White, J. Goubar, A. Porta, N. Witts, S. Lewis, R. Hall, E. 111 Trial Management Group, (2020). The 111 Study: A Single-arm, Phase 3 Trial Evaluating One Cycle of Bleomycin, Etoposide, and Cisplatin as Adjuvant Chemotherapy in High-risk, Stage 1 Nonseminomatous or Combined Germ Cell Tumours of the Testis. Eur urol, Vol.77 (3), pp. 344-351.  show abstract  full text

Kolinsky, M.P. Rescigno, P. Bianchini, D. Zafeiriou, Z. Mehra, N. Mateo, J. Michalarea, V. Riisnaes, R. Crespo, M. Figueiredo, I. Miranda, S. Nava Rodrigues, D. Flohr, P. Tunariu, N. Banerji, U. Ruddle, R. Sharp, A. Welti, J. Lambros, M. Carreira, S. Raynaud, F.I. Swales, K.E. Plymate, S. Luo, J. Tovey, H. Porta, N. Slade, R. Leonard, L. Hall, E. de Bono, J.S. (2020). A phase I dose-escalation study of enzalutamide in combination with the AKT inhibitor AZD5363 (capivasertib) in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. Ann oncol, Vol.31 (5), pp. 619-625.  show abstract  full text

Mostafid, A.H. Porta, N. Cresswell, J. Griffiths, T.R. Kelly, J.D. Penegar, S.R. Davenport, K. McGrath, J.S. Campain, N. Cooke, P. Masood, S. Knowles, M.A. Feber, A. Knight, A. Catto, J.W. Lewis, R. Hall, E. (2020). CALIBER: a phase II randomized feasibility trial of chemoablation with mitomycin-C vs surgical management in low-risk non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer. Bju int, Vol.125 (6), pp. 817-826.  show abstract

Cox, E. Saramago, P. Kelly, J. Porta, N. Hall, E. Tan, W.S. Sculpher, M. Soares, M. (2020). Effects of Bladder Cancer on UK Healthcare Costs and Patient Health-Related Quality of Life: Evidence From the BOXIT Trial. Clin genitourin cancer, Vol.18 (4), pp. e418-e442.  show abstract  full text

Syndikus, I. Cruickshank, C. Staffurth, J. Tree, A. Henry, A. Naismith, O. Mayles, H. Snelson, N. Hassan, S. Brown, S. Porta, N. Griffin, C. Hall, E. (2020). PIVOTALboost: A phase III randomised controlled trial of prostate and pelvis versus prostate alone radiotherapy with or without prostate boost (CRUK/16/018). Clin transl radiat oncol, Vol.25, pp. 22-28.  show abstract  full text

Kelly, J.D. Tan, W.S. Porta, N. Mostafid, H. Huddart, R. Protheroe, A. Bogle, R. Blazeby, J. Palmer, A. Cresswell, J. Johnson, M. Brough, R. Madaan, S. Andrews, S. Cruickshank, C. Burnett, S. Maynard, L. Hall, E. BOXIT Investigators, (2019). BOXIT-A Randomised Phase III Placebo-controlled Trial Evaluating the Addition of Celecoxib to Standard Treatment of Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder (CRUK/07/004). Eur urol, Vol.75 (4), pp. 593-601.  show abstract  full text

Haviland, J.S. Mannino, M. Griffin, C. Porta, N. Sydenham, M. Bliss, J.M. Yarnold, J.R. START Trialists' Group, (2018). Late normal tissue effects in the arm and shoulder following lymphatic radiotherapy: Results from the UK START (Standardisation of Breast Radiotherapy) trials. Radiother oncol, Vol.126 (1), pp. 155-162.  show abstract  full text

Cheang, M.C. Bliss, J.M. Viale, G. Speirs, V. Palmieri, C. Shaaban, A. Lønning, P.E. Morden, J. Porta, N. Jassem, J. van De Velde, C.J. Rasmussen, B.B. Verhoeven, D. Bartlett, J.M. Coombes, R.C. PathIES Sub-Committee, (2018). Evaluation of applying IHC4 as a prognostic model in the translational study of Intergroup Exemestane Study (IES): PathIES. Breast cancer res treat, Vol.168 (1), pp. 169-178.  show abstract  full text

Lorente, D. Ravi, P. Mehra, N. Pezaro, C. Omlin, A. Gilman, A. Miranda, M. Rescigno, P. Kolinsky, M. Porta, N. Bianchini, D. Tunariu, N. Perez, R. Mateo, J. Payne, H. Terstappen, L. IJzerman, M. Hall, E. de Bono, J. (2018). Interrogating Metastatic Prostate Cancer Treatment Switch Decisions: A Multi-institutional Survey. Eur urol focus, Vol.4 (2), pp. 235-244.  show abstract  full text

Franco, P. Porta, N. Holliday, J.D. Willett, P. (2017). Molecular similarity considerations in the licensing of orphan drugs. Drug discov today, Vol.22 (2), pp. 377-381.  show abstract  full text

Perez-Lopez, R. Mateo, J. Mossop, H. Blackledge, M.D. Collins, D.J. Rata, M. Morgan, V.A. Macdonald, A. Sandhu, S. Lorente, D. Rescigno, P. Zafeiriou, Z. Bianchini, D. Porta, N. Hall, E. Leach, M.O. de Bono, J.S. Koh, D.-. Tunariu, N. (2017). Diffusion-weighted Imaging as a Treatment Response Biomarker for Evaluating Bone Metastases in Prostate Cancer: A Pilot Study. Radiology, Vol.283 (1), pp. 168-177.  show abstract  full text

Goodall, J. Mateo, J. Yuan, W. Mossop, H. Porta, N. Miranda, S. Perez-Lopez, R. Dolling, D. Robinson, D.R. Sandhu, S. Fowler, G. Ebbs, B. Flohr, P. Seed, G. Rodrigues, D.N. Boysen, G. Bertan, C. Atkin, M. Clarke, M. Crespo, M. Figueiredo, I. Riisnaes, R. Sumanasuriya, S. Rescigno, P. Zafeiriou, Z. Sharp, A. Tunariu, N. Bianchini, D. Gillman, A. Lord, C.J. Hall, E. Chinnaiyan, A.M. Carreira, S. de Bono, J.S. TOPARP-A investigators, (2017). Circulating Cell-Free DNA to Guide Prostate Cancer Treatment with PARP Inhibition. Cancer discov, Vol.7 (9), pp. 1006-1017.  show abstract  full text

Choudhury, A. West, C.M. Porta, N. Hall, E. Denley, H. Hendron, C. Lewis, R. Hussain, S.A. Huddart, R. James, N. (2017). The predictive and prognostic value of tumour necrosis in muscle invasive bladder cancer patients receiving radiotherapy with or without chemotherapy in the BC2001 trial (CRUK/01/004). Br j cancer, Vol.116 (5), pp. 649-657.  show abstract  full text

Martínez-Momblán, M.A. Gómez, C. Santos, A. Porta, N. Esteve, J. Úbeda, I. Halperin, I. Campillo, B. Guillaumet, M. Webb, S.M. Resmini, E. (2016). A specific nursing educational program in patients with Cushing's syndrome. Endocrine, Vol.53 (1), pp. 199-209.  show abstract

Wilkins, A. Furness, A. Corbett, R.W. Bloomfield, A. Porta, N. Morris, S. Ali, Z. Larkin, J. Harrington, K. (2015). The melanoma-specific graded prognostic assessment does not adequately discriminate prognosis in a modern population with brain metastases from malignant melanoma. Br j cancer, Vol.113 (9), pp. 1275-1281.  show abstract  full text

Mateo, J. Carreira, S. Sandhu, S. Miranda, S. Mossop, H. Perez-Lopez, R. Nava Rodrigues, D. Robinson, D. Omlin, A. Tunariu, N. Boysen, G. Porta, N. Flohr, P. Gillman, A. Figueiredo, I. Paulding, C. Seed, G. Jain, S. Ralph, C. Protheroe, A. Hussain, S. Jones, R. Elliott, T. McGovern, U. Bianchini, D. Goodall, J. Zafeiriou, Z. Williamson, C.T. Ferraldeschi, R. Riisnaes, R. Ebbs, B. Fowler, G. Roda, D. Yuan, W. Wu, Y.-. Cao, X. Brough, R. Pemberton, H. A'Hern, R. Swain, A. Kunju, L.P. Eeles, R. Attard, G. Lord, C.J. Ashworth, A. Rubin, M.A. Knudsen, K.E. Feng, F.Y. Chinnaiyan, A.M. Hall, E. de Bono, J.S. (2015). DNA-Repair Defects and Olaparib in Metastatic Prostate Cancer. N engl j med, Vol.373 (18), pp. 1697-1708.  show abstract  full text

Franco, P. Porta, N. Holliday, J.D. Willett, P. (2014). The use of 2D fingerprint methods to support the assessment of structural similarity in orphan drug legislation. J cheminform, Vol.6 (1), p. 5.  show abstract

Lincker, H. Ziogas, C. Carr, M. Porta, N. Eichler, H.-. (2014). Regulatory watch: Where do new medicines originate from in the EU?. Nat rev drug discov, Vol.13 (2), pp. 92-93.

Pedrós, C. Quintana, B. Rebolledo, M. Porta, N. Vallano, A. Arnau, J.M. (2014). Prevalence, risk factors and main features of adverse drug reactions leading to hospital admission. Eur j clin pharmacol, Vol.70 (3), pp. 361-367.  show abstract

Coelho, S. Ortíz, F. Gelpi, R. Koskinen, P. Porta, N. Bestard, O. Melilli, E. Taco, O. Torras, J. Honkanen, E. Grinyó, J.M. Cruzado, J.M. (2014). Sterile leukocyturia is associated with interstitial fibrosis and tubular atrophy in kidney allograft protocol biopsies. Am j transplant, Vol.14 (4), pp. 908-915.  show abstract

Yildirim, T. Yilmaz, R. Altindal, M. Turkmen, E. Arici, M. Altun, B. Erdem, Y. Guliyev, O. Erkmen Uyar, M. Tutal, E. Bal, Z. Sezer, S. Erkmen Uyar, M. Bal, U. Bal, Z. Tutal, E. Say n, B. Guliyev, O. Erdemir, B. Sezer, S. O'Rourke-Potowki, A. Gauge, N. Penny, H. Cronin, A. Frame, S. Goldsmith, D.J. Yagan, J.A. Chandraker, A. Velickovic Radovanovic, R.M. Catic Djordjevic, A. Mitic, B. Stefanovic, N. Cvetkovic, T. Serpieri, N. Grosjean, F. Sileno, G. Torreggiani, M. Esposito, V. Mangione, F. Abelli, M. Castoldi, F. Catucci, D. Esposito, C. Dal Canton, A. Vatazin, A.V. Zulkarnaev, A.B. Borst, C. Liu, Y. Thoning, J. Tepel, M. Libetta, C. Margiotta, E. Borettaz, I. Canevari, M. Martinelli, C. Lainu, E. Abelli, M. Meloni, F. Sepe, V. Dal Canton, A. Miguel Costa, R. Vasquez Martul, E. Reboredo, J. Rivera, C. Simonato, F. Tognarelli, G. Daidola, G. Gallo, E. Burdese, M. Cantaluppi, V. Biancone, L. Segoloni, G.P. Burdese, M. Priora, M. Messina, M. Tamagnone, M. Daidola, G. Linsalata, A. 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