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Wilkins, A.C. Gusterson, B. Szijgyarto, Z. Haviland, J. Griffin, C. Stuttle, C. Daley, F. Corbishley, C.M. Dearnaley, D.P. Hall, E. Somaiah, N. CHHiP Trial Investigators, (2018). Ki67 Is an Independent Predictor of Recurrence in the Largest Randomized Trial of 3 Radiation Fractionation Schedules in Localized Prostate Cancer. Int j radiat oncol biol phys, Vol.101 (2), pp. 309-315.  show abstract  full text

Wilkins, A. Chauhan, R. Rust, A. Pearson, A. Daley, F. Manodoro, F. Fenwick, K. Bliss, J. Yarnold, J. Somaiah, N. (2018). FFPE breast tumour blocks provide reliable sources of both germline and malignant DNA for investigation of genetic determinants of individual tumour responses to treatment. Breast cancer res treat, Vol.170 (3), pp. 573-581.  show abstract  full text

O'Brien, G. Cruz-Garcia, L. Majewski, M. Grepl, J. Abend, M. Port, M. Tichý, A. Sirak, I. Malkova, A. Donovan, E. Gothard, L. Boyle, S. Somaiah, N. Ainsbury, E. Ponge, L. Slosarek, K. Miszczyk, L. Widlak, P. Green, E. Patel, N. Kudari, M. Gleeson, F. Vinnikov, V. Starenkiy, V. Artiukh, S. Vasyliev, L. Zaman, A. Badie, C. (2018). FDXR is a biomarker of radiation exposure in vivo. Sci rep, Vol.8 (1), pp. 684-684.  show abstract  full text

Moquet, J. Higueras, M. Donovan, E. Boyle, S. Barnard, S. Bricknell, C. Sun, M. Gothard, L. O'Brien, G. Cruz-Garcia, L. Badie, C. Ainsbury, E. Somaiah, N. (2018). Dicentric Dose Estimates for Patients Undergoing Radiotherapy in the RTGene Study to Assess Blood Dosimetric Models and the New Bayesian Method for Gradient Exposure. Radiat res, .  show abstract  full text

Lightowlers, S.V. Boersma, L.J. Fourquet, A. Kirova, Y.M. Offersen, B.V. Poortmans, P. Scholten, A.N. Somaiah, N. Coles, C.E. (2017). Preoperative breast radiation therapy: Indications and perspectives. European journal of cancer, Vol.82, pp. 184-192.  full text

Nuta, O. Somaiah, N. Boyle, S. Chua, M.L. Gothard, L. Yarnold, J. Rothkamm, K. Herskind, C. (2016). Correlation between the radiation responses of fibroblasts cultured from individual patients and the risk of late reaction after breast radiotherapy. Cancer lett, Vol.374 (2), pp. 324-330.  show abstract  full text

Juneja, P. Bonora, M. Haviland, J.S. Harris, E. Evans, P. Somaiah, N. (2016). Does breast composition influence late adverse effects in breast radiotherapy?. Breast, Vol.26, pp. 25-30.  show abstract  full text

Brunt, A.M. Wheatley, D. Yarnold, J. Somaiah, N. Kelly, S. Harnett, A. Coles, C. Goodman, A. Bahl, A. Churn, M. Zotova, R. Sydenham, M. Griffin, C.L. Morden, J.P. Bliss, J.M. FAST-Forward Trial Management Group, (2016). Acute skin toxicity associated with a 1-week schedule of whole breast radiotherapy compared with a standard 3-week regimen delivered in the UK FAST-Forward Trial. Radiother oncol, Vol.120 (1), pp. 114-118.  show abstract  full text

Somaiah, N. Chua, M.L. Bourne, S. Daley, F. A' Hern, R. Nuta, O. Gothard, L. Boyle, S. Herskind, C. Pearson, A. Warrington, J. Helyer, S. Owen, R. Rothkamm, K. Yarnold, J. (2016). Correlation between DNA damage responses of skin to a test dose of radiation and late adverse effects of earlier breast radiotherapy. Radiother oncol, Vol.119 (2), pp. 244-249.  show abstract  full text

Somaiah, N. Rothkamm, K. Yarnold, J. (2015). Where Do We Look for Markers of Radiotherapy Fraction Size Sensitivity?. Clin oncol (r coll radiol), Vol.27 (10), pp. 570-578.  show abstract

Yarnold, J. Somaiah, N. Bliss, J.M. (2015). Hypofractionated radiotherapy in early breast cancer: Clinical, dosimetric and radio-genomic issues. Breast, Vol.24, pp. S108-S113.

Wilkins, A. Dearnaley, D. Somaiah, N. (2015). Genomic and Histopathological Tissue Biomarkers That Predict Radiotherapy Response in Localised Prostate Cancer. Biomed res int, Vol.2015, p. 238757.  show abstract

Chua, M.L. Horn, S. Somaiah, N. Davies, S. Gothard, L. A'Hern, R. Yarnold, J. Rothkamm, K. (2014). DNA double-strand break repair and induction of apoptosis in ex vivo irradiated blood lymphocytes in relation to late normal tissue reactions following breast radiotherapy. Radiat environ biophys, Vol.53 (2), pp. 355-364.  show abstract

Somaiah, N.S. Yarnold, J.R. lagerqvist, A.L. rothkamm, K.R. Helleday, T.H. (2013). Homologous recombination mediates cellular resistance and fraction size sensitivity to radiation therapy. Radiotherapy and oncology, Vol.108 (1), pp. 155-161.  show abstract

Somaiah, N. Yarnold, J. Daley, F. Pearson, A. Gothard, L. Rothkamm, K. Helleday, T. (2012). The relationship between homologous recombination repair and the sensitivity of human epidermis to the size of daily doses over a 5-week course of breast radiotherapy. Clin cancer res, Vol.18 (19), pp. 5479-5488.  show abstract

Chua, M.L. Somaiah, N. A'Hern, R. Davies, S. Gothard, L. Yarnold, J. Rothkamm, K. (2011). Residual DNA and chromosomal damage in ex vivo irradiated blood lymphocytes correlated with late normal tissue response to breast radiotherapy. Radiother oncol, Vol.99 (3), pp. 362-366.  show abstract

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