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Dowsett, M. Kilburn, L. Rimawi, M.F. Osborne, C.K. Pogue-Geile, K. Liu, Y. Jacobs, S.A. Finnigan, M. Puhalla, S. Dodson, A. Martins, V. Cheang, M. Perry, S. Holcombe, C. Turner, N. Swift, C. Bliss, J.M. Johnston, S. PALLET trialists, (2022). Biomarkers of Response and Resistance to Palbociclib Plus Letrozole in Patients With ER+/HER2- Breast Cancer. Clin cancer res, Vol.28 (1), pp. 163-174.  show abstract

Bergamino, M.A. López-Knowles, E. Morani, G. Tovey, H. Kilburn, L. Schuster, E.F. Alataki, A. Hills, M. Xiao, H. Holcombe, C. Skene, A. Robertson, J.F. Smith, I.E. Bliss, J.M. Dowsett, M. Cheang, M.C. POETIC investigators, (2022). HER2-enriched subtype and novel molecular subgroups drive aromatase inhibitor resistance and an increased risk of relapse in early ER+/HER2+ breast cancer. Ebiomedicine, Vol.83, p. 104205.  show abstract

Bergamino, M.A. Morani, G. Parker, J. Schuster, E.F. Leal, M.F. López-Knowles, E. Tovey, H. Bliss, J.M. Robertson, J.F. Smith, I.E. Dowsett, M. Cheang, M.C. (2022). Impact of Duration of Neoadjuvant Aromatase Inhibitors on Molecular Expression Profiles in Estrogen Receptor-positive Breast Cancers. Clin cancer res, Vol.28 (6), pp. 1217-1228.  show abstract

Bergamino Sirvén, M. Pernas, S. Cheang, M.C. (2021). Lights and Shadows in Immuno-Oncology Drug Development. Cancers (basel), Vol.13 (4).  show abstract

Buus, R. Szijgyarto, Z. Schuster, E.F. Xiao, H. Haynes, B.P. Sestak, I. Cuzick, J. Paré, L. Seguí, E. Chic, N. Prat, A. Dowsett, M. Cheang, M.C. (2021). Development and validation for research assessment of Oncotype DX® Breast Recurrence Score, EndoPredict® and Prosigna®. Npj breast cancer, Vol.7 (1), p. 15.  show abstract

Smith, I. Robertson, J. Kilburn, L. Wilcox, M. Evans, A. Holcombe, C. Horgan, K. Kirwan, C. Mallon, E. Sibbering, M. Skene, A. Vidya, R. Cheang, M. Banerji, J. Morden, J. Sidhu, K. Dodson, A. Bliss, J.M. Dowsett, M. (2020). Long-term outcome and prognostic value of Ki67 after perioperative endocrine therapy in postmenopausal women with hormone-sensitive early breast cancer (POETIC): an open-label, multicentre, parallel-group, randomised, phase 3 trial. Lancet oncol, Vol.21 (11), pp. 1443-1454.  show abstract

Johnston, S. Puhalla, S. Wheatley, D. Ring, A. Barry, P. Holcombe, C. Boileau, J.F. Provencher, L. Robidoux, A. Rimawi, M. McIntosh, S.A. Shalaby, I. Stein, R.C. Thirlwell, M. Dolling, D. Morden, J. Snowdon, C. Perry, S. Cornman, C. Batten, L.M. Jeffs, L.K. Dodson, A. Martins, V. Modi, A. Osborne, C.K. Pogue-Geile, K.L. Cheang, M.C. Wolmark, N. Julian, T.B. Fisher, K. MacKenzie, M. Wilcox, M. Huang Bartlett, C. Koehler, M. Dowsett, M. Bliss, J.M. Jacobs, S.A. (2019). Randomized Phase II Study Evaluating Palbociclib in Addition to Letrozole as Neoadjuvant Therapy in Estrogen Receptor-Positive Early Breast Cancer: PALLET Trial. J clin oncol, Vol.37 (3), pp. 178-189.  show abstract

Tovey, H. Cheang, M.C. (2019). Identifying Biomarkers to Pair with Targeting Treatments within Triple Negative Breast Cancer for Improved Patient Stratification. Cancers (basel), Vol.11 (12).  show abstract

Poudel, P. Nyamundanda, G. Patil, Y. Cheang, M.C. Sadanandam, A. (2019). Heterocellular gene signatures reveal luminal-A breast cancer heterogeneity and differential therapeutic responses. Npj breast cancer, Vol.5, p. 21.  show abstract

Tutt, A. Tovey, H. Cheang, M.C. Kernaghan, S. Kilburn, L. Gazinska, P. Owen, J. Abraham, J. Barrett, S. Barrett-Lee, P. Brown, R. Chan, S. Dowsett, M. Flanagan, J.M. Fox, L. Grigoriadis, A. Gutin, A. Harper-Wynne, C. Hatton, M.Q. Hoadley, K.A. Parikh, J. Parker, P. Perou, C.M. Roylance, R. Shah, V. Shaw, A. Smith, I.E. Timms, K.M. Wardley, A.M. Wilson, G. Gillett, C. Lanchbury, J.S. Ashworth, A. Rahman, N. Harries, M. Ellis, P. Pinder, S.E. Bliss, J.M. (2018). Carboplatin in BRCA1/2-mutated and triple-negative breast cancer BRCAness subgroups: the TNT Trial. Nat med, Vol.24 (5), pp. 628-637.  show abstract

Perez, E.A. Ballman, K.V. Mashadi-Hossein, A. Tenner, K.S. Kachergus, J.M. Norton, N. Necela, B.M. Carr, J.M. Ferree, S. Perou, C.M. Baehner, F. Cheang, M.C. Thompson, E.A. (2017). Intrinsic Subtype and Therapeutic Response Among HER2-Positive Breast Tumors from the NCCTG (Alliance) N9831 Trial. J natl cancer inst, Vol.109 (2), pp. 1-8.  show abstract

Prat, A. Cheang, M.C. Galván, P. Nuciforo, P. Paré, L. Adamo, B. Muñoz, M. Viladot, M. Press, M.F. Gagnon, R. Ellis, C. Johnston, S. (2016). Prognostic Value of Intrinsic Subtypes in Hormone Receptor-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer Treated With Letrozole With or Without Lapatinib. Jama oncol, Vol.2 (10), pp. 1287-1294.  show abstract

Sun, Z. Prat, A. Cheang, M.C. Gelber, R.D. Perou, C.M. (2015). Chemotherapy benefit for 'ER-positive' breast cancer and contamination of nonluminal subtypes—waiting for TAILORx and RxPONDER. Ann oncol, Vol.26 (1), pp. 70-74.  show abstract

Cheang, M.C. Martin, M. Nielsen, T.O. Prat, A. Voduc, D. Rodriguez-Lescure, A. Ruiz, A. Chia, S. Shepherd, L. Ruiz-Borrego, M. Calvo, L. Alba, E. Carrasco, E. Caballero, R. Tu, D. Pritchard, K.I. Levine, M.N. Bramwell, V.H. Parker, J. Bernard, P.S. Ellis, M.J. Perou, C.M. Di Leo, A. Carey, L.A. (2015). Defining breast cancer intrinsic subtypes by quantitative receptor expression. Oncologist, Vol.20 (5), pp. 474-482.  show abstract

Voduc, K.D. Nielsen, T.O. Perou, C.M. Harrell, J.C. Fan, C. Kennecke, H. Minn, A.J. Cryns, V.L. Cheang, M.C. (2015). αB-crystallin Expression in Breast Cancer is Associated with Brain Metastasis. Npj breast cancer, Vol.1, p. 15014-.  show abstract

Garcia-Murillas, I. Schiavon, G. Weigelt, B. Ng, C. Hrebien, S. Cutts, R.J. Cheang, M. Osin, P. Nerurkar, A. Kozarewa, I. Garrido, J.A. Dowsett, M. Reis-Filho, J.S. Smith, I.E. Turner, N.C. (2015). Mutation tracking in circulating tumor DNA predicts relapse in early breast cancer. Sci transl med, Vol.7 (302), p. 302ra133.  show abstract

Prat, A. Cheang, M.C. Martin, M. Parker, J.S. Carrasco, E. Caballero, R. Tyldesley, S. Gelmon, K. Bernard, P.S. Nielsen, T.O. Perou, C.M. (2013). Prognostic Significance of Progesterone Receptor-Positive Tumor Cells Within Immunohistochemically Defined Luminal A Breast Cancer. Journal of clinical oncology, Vol.31 (2), pp. 203-209.

Cheang, M.C. Voduc, K.D. Tu, D. Jiang, S. Leung, S. Chia, S.K. Shepherd, L.E. Levine, M.N. Pritchard, K.I. Davies, S. Stijleman, I.J. Davis, C. Ebbert, M.T. Parker, J.S. Ellis, M.J. Bernard, P.S. Perou, C.M. Nielsen, T.O. (2012). Responsiveness of Intrinsic Subtypes to Adjuvant Anthracycline Substitution in the NCIC CTG MA 5 Randomized Trial. Clinical cancer research, Vol.18 (8), pp. 2402-2412.

Cheang, M.C. Chia, S.K. Voduc, D. Gao, D. Leung, S. Snider, J. Watson, M. Davies, S. Bernard, P.S. Parker, J.S. Perou, C.M. Ellis, M.J. Nielsen, T.O. (2009). Ki67 Index, HER2 Status, and Prognosis of Patients With Luminal B Breast Cancer. Jnci-journal of the national cancer institute, Vol.101 (10), pp. 736-750.

Cheang, M.C. Voduc, D. Bajdik, C. Leung, S. McKinney, S. Chia, S.K. Perou, C.M. Nielsen, T.O. (2008). Basal-like breast cancer defined by five biomarkers has superior prognostic value then triple-negative phenotype. Clinical cancer research, Vol.14 (5), pp. 1368-1376.

Parker, J. Mullins, M. Cheang, M.C. Davies, S. Mardis, E. Nielsen, T.O. Ellis, M.J. Marron, S. Perou, C.M. Bernard, P.S. (2008). A supervised risk predictor of breast cancer based on biological subtypes. Journal of clinical oncology, Vol.26 (15).

Cheang, M.C. van de Rijn, M. Nielsen, T.O. (2008). Gene expression profiling of breast cancer. Annual review of pathology-mechanisms of disease, Vol.3, pp. 67-97.

Bergholtz, H. Carter, J.M. Cesano, A. Cheang, M.C. Church, S.E. Divakar, P. Fuhrman, C.A. Goel, S. Gong, J. Guerriero, J.L. Hoang, M.L. Hwang, E.S. Kuasne, H. Lee, J. Liang, Y. Mittendorf, E.A. Perez, J. Prat, A. Pusztai, L. Reeves, J.W. Riazalhosseini, Y. Richer, J.K. Sahin, Ö. Sato, H. Schlam, I. Sørlie, T. Stover, D.G. Swain, S.M. Swarbrick, A. Thompson, E.A. Tolaney, S.M. Warren, S.E. Best Practices for Spatial Profiling for Breast Cancer Research with the GeoMx® Digital Spatial Profiler. Cancers, Vol.13 (17), pp. 4456-4456.  show abstract

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