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Eiben, B. Bertholet, J. Tran, E.H. Wetscherek, A. Shiarli, A.-. Nill, S. Oelfke, U. McClelland, J.R. (2024). Respiratory motion modelling for MR-guided lung cancer radiotherapy: model development and geometric accuracy evaluation. Phys med biol, Vol.69 (5).  show abstract

Wetscherek, A. (2024). Editorial for "Reproducibility and Repeatability of Intravoxel Incoherent Motion MRI Acquisition Methods in Liver". J magn reson imaging, .

Wetscherek, M.T. McNaughton, E. Majcher, V. Wetscherek, A. Sadler, T.J. Alsinbili, A. Teh, W.H. Moore, S.D. Patel, N. Smith, W.P. Krishnan, U. (2023). Incidental coronary artery calcification on non-gated CT thorax correlates with risk of cardiovascular events and death. Eur radiol, Vol.33 (7), pp. 4723-4733.  show abstract

Lecoeur, B. Barbone, M. Gough, J. Oelfke, U. Luk, W. Gaydadjiev, G. Wetscherek, A. (2023). Accelerating 4D image reconstruction for magnetic resonance-guided radiotherapy. Phys imaging radiat oncol, Vol.27, p. 100484.  show abstract

Bisgaard, A.L. Keesman, R. van Lier, A.L. Coolens, C. van Houdt, P.J. Tree, A. Wetscherek, A. Romesser, P.B. Tyagi, N. Lo Russo, M. Habrich, J. Vesprini, D. Lau, A.Z. Mook, S. Chung, P. Kerkmeijer, L.G. Gouw, Z.A. Lorenzen, E.L. van der Heide, U.A. Schytte, T. Brink, C. Mahmood, F. (2023). Recommendations for improved reproducibility of ADC derivation on behalf of the Elekta MRI-linac consortium image analysis working group. Radiother oncol, Vol.186, p. 109803.  show abstract

Bano, W. Holmes, W. Goodburn, R. Golbabaee, M. Gupta, A. Withey, S. Tree, A. Oelfke, U. Wetscherek, A. (2023). Joint radial trajectory correction for accelerated T2 * mapping on an MR-Linac. Med phys, Vol.50 (11), pp. 7027-7038.  show abstract

Führes, T. Riexinger, A.J. Loh, M. Martin, J. Wetscherek, A. Kuder, T.A. Uder, M. Hensel, B. Laun, F.B. (2022). Echo time dependence of biexponential and triexponential intravoxel incoherent motion parameters in the liver. Magn reson med, Vol.87 (2), pp. 859-871.  show abstract

Ingle, M. Blackledge, M. White, I. Wetscherek, A. Lalondrelle, S. Hafeez, S. Bhide, S. (2022). Quantitative analysis of diffusion weighted imaging in rectal cancer during radiotherapy using a magnetic resonance imaging integrated linear accelerator. Phys imaging radiat oncol, Vol.23, pp. 32-37.  show abstract

Goodburn, R.J. Philippens, M.E. Lefebvre, T.L. Khalifa, A. Bruijnen, T. Freedman, J.N. Waddington, D.E. Younus, E. Aliotta, E. Meliadò, G. Stanescu, T. Bano, W. Fatemi-Ardekani, A. Wetscherek, A. Oelfke, U. van den Berg, N. Mason, R.P. van Houdt, P.J. Balter, J.M. Gurney-Champion, O.J. (2022). The future of MRI in radiation therapy: Challenges and opportunities for the MR community. Magn reson med, Vol.88 (6), pp. 2592-2608.  show abstract

Wetscherek, A. van der Bijl, E. van Lier, A.L. Chick, J. Jackson, S. Gibson, S. van Pelt, V. Hasler, S.W. Tijssen, R.H. (2022). Longitudinal Stability of MRI QA up to Two Years on Eight Clinical 1 5 T MR-Linacs. Frontiers in physics, Vol.10, p. 14.

Riexinger, A. Martin, J. Wetscherek, A. Kuder, T.A. Uder, M. Hensel, B. Laun, F.B. (2021). An optimized b-value distribution for triexponential intravoxel incoherent motion (IVIM) in the liver. Magn reson med, Vol.85 (4), pp. 2095-2108.  show abstract

Freedman, J.N. Gurney-Champion, O.J. Nill, S. Shiarli, A.-. Bainbridge, H.E. Mandeville, H.C. Koh, D.-. McDonald, F. Kachelrieß, M. Oelfke, U. Wetscherek, A. (2021). Rapid 4D-MRI reconstruction using a deep radial convolutional neural network: Dracula. Radiotherapy and oncology, Vol.159, pp. 209-217.  show abstract

van Houdt, P.J. Saeed, H. Thorwarth, D. Fuller, C.D. Hall, W.A. McDonald, B.A. Shukla-Dave, A. Kooreman, E.S. Philippens, M.E. van Lier, A.L. Keesman, R. Mahmood, F. Coolens, C. Stanescu, T. Wang, J. Tyagi, N. Wetscherek, A. van der Heide, U.A. (2021). Integration of quantitative imaging biomarkers in clinical trials for MR-guided radiotherapy: Conceptual guidance for multicentre studies from the MR-Linac Consortium Imaging Biomarker Working Group. Eur j cancer, Vol.153, pp. 64-71.  show abstract

Kooreman, E.S. van Houdt, P.J. Keesman, R. van Pelt, V.W. Nowee, M.E. Pos, F. Sikorska, K. Wetscherek, A. Müller, A.-. Thorwarth, D. Tree, A.C. van der Heide, U.A. (2021). Daily Intravoxel Incoherent Motion (IVIM) In Prostate Cancer Patients During MR-Guided Radiotherapy-A Multicenter Study. Front oncol, Vol.11, p. 705964.  show abstract

Buzan, M.T. Wetscherek, A. Rank, C.M. Kreuter, M. Heussel, C.P. Kachelrieß, M. Dinkel, J. (2020). Delayed contrast dynamics as marker of regional impairment in pulmonary fibrosis using 5D MRI - a pilot study. Br j radiol, Vol.93 (1113), p. 20190121.  show abstract

Martin, J. Endt, S. Wetscherek, A. Kuder, T.A. Doerfler, A. Uder, M. Hensel, B. Laun, F.B. (2020). Contrast-to-noise ratio analysis of microscopic diffusion anisotropy indices in q-space trajectory imaging. Z med phys, Vol.30 (1), pp. 4-16.  show abstract

Gurney-Champion, O.J. Rauh, S.S. Harrington, K. Oelfke, U. Laun, F.B. Wetscherek, A. (2020). Optimal acquisition scheme for flow-compensated intravoxel incoherent motion diffusion-weighted imaging in the abdomen: An accurate and precise clinically feasible protocol. Magn reson med, Vol.83 (3), pp. 1003-1015.  show abstract

Menten, M.J. Mohajer, J.K. Nilawar, R. Bertholet, J. Dunlop, A. Pathmanathan, A.U. Moreau, M. Marshall, S. Wetscherek, A. Nill, S. Tree, A.C. Oelfke, U. (2020). Automatic reconstruction of the delivered dose of the day using MR-linac treatment log files and online MR imaging. Radiother oncol, Vol.145, pp. 88-94.  show abstract

Martin, J. Endt, S. Wetscherek, A. Kuder, T.A. Doerfler, A. Uder, M. Hensel, B. Laun, F.B. (2020). Twice-refocused stimulated echo diffusion imaging: Measuring diffusion time dependence at constant T1 weighting. Magn reson med, Vol.83 (5), pp. 1741-1749.  show abstract

Tran, E.H. Eiben, B. Wetscherek, A. Oelfke, U. Meedt, G. Hawkes, D.J. McClelland, J.R. (2020). Evaluation of MRI-derived surrogate signals to model respiratory motion. Biomed phys eng express, Vol.6 (4), p. 045015.  show abstract

Alzahrani, M. Broadbent, D.A. Chuter, R. Al-Qaisieh, B. Jackson, S. Michael, H. Johnstone, R.I. Shah, S. Wetscherek, A. Chick, H.J. Wyatt, J.J. McCallum, H.M. Speight, R. (2020). Audit feasibility for geometric distortion in magnetic resonance imaging for radiotherapy. Phys imaging radiat oncol, Vol.15, pp. 80-84.  show abstract

Kooreman, E.S. van Houdt, P.J. Keesman, R. Pos, F.J. van Pelt, V.W. Nowee, M.E. Wetscherek, A. Tijssen, R.H. Philippens, M.E. Thorwarth, D. Wang, J. Shukla-Dave, A. Hall, W.A. Paulson, E.S. van der Heide, U.A. (2020). ADC measurements on the Unity MR-linac - A recommendation on behalf of the Elekta Unity MR-linac consortium. Radiother oncol, Vol.153, pp. 106-113.  show abstract

Tijssen, R.H. Philippens, M.E. Paulson, E.S. Glitzner, M. Chugh, B. Wetscherek, A. Dubec, M. Wang, J. van der Heide, U.A. (2019). MRI commissioning of 1 5T MR-linac systems - a multi-institutional study. Radiother oncol, Vol.132, pp. 114-120.  show abstract

White, I.M. Scurr, E. Wetscherek, A. Brown, G. Sohaib, A. Nill, S. Oelfke, U. Dearnaley, D. Lalondrelle, S. Bhide, S. (2019). Realizing the potential of magnetic resonance image guided radiotherapy in gynaecological and rectal cancer. Br j radiol, Vol.92 (1098), p. 20180670.  show abstract

Riexinger, A.J. Martin, J. Rauh, S. Wetscherek, A. Pistel, M. Kuder, T.A. Nagel, A.M. Uder, M. Hensel, B. Müller, L. Laun, F.B. (2019). On the Field Strength Dependence of Bi- and Triexponential Intravoxel Incoherent Motion (IVIM) Parameters in the Liver. J magn reson imaging, Vol.50 (6), pp. 1883-1892.  show abstract

Gurney-Champion, O.J. Collins, D.J. Wetscherek, A. Rata, M. Klaassen, R. van Laarhoven, H.W. Harrington, K.J. Oelfke, U. Orton, M.R. (2019). Principal component analysis fosr fast and model-free denoising of multi b-value diffusion-weighted MR images. Phys med biol, Vol.64 (10), p. 105015.  show abstract

Freedman, J.N. Bainbridge, H.E. Nill, S. Collins, D.J. Kachelrieß, M. Leach, M.O. McDonald, F. Oelfke, U. Wetscherek, A. (2019). Synthetic 4D-CT of the thorax for treatment plan adaptation on MR-guided radiotherapy systems. Phys med biol, Vol.64 (11), p. 115005.  show abstract

Funck, C. Laun, F.B. Wetscherek, A. (2018). Characterization of the diffusion coefficient of blood. Magn reson med, Vol.79 (5), pp. 2752-2758.  show abstract

Freedman, J.N. Collins, D.J. Gurney-Champion, O.J. McClelland, J.R. Nill, S. Oelfke, U. Leach, M.O. Wetscherek, A. (2018). Super-resolution T2-weighted 4D MRI for image guided radiotherapy. Radiother oncol, Vol.129 (3), pp. 486-493.  show abstract

Menten, M.J. Fast, M.F. Wetscherek, A. Rank, C.M. Kachelrieß, M. Collins, D.J. Nill, S. Oelfke, U. (2018). The impact of 2D cine MR imaging parameters on automated tumor and organ localization for MR-guided real-time adaptive radiotherapy. Phys med biol, Vol.63 (23), p. 235005.  show abstract

Bainbridge, H. Wetscherek, A. Eccles, C. Collins, D. Scurr, E. Leach, M. Koh, D.-. Mcdonald, F. (2017). P2 05-042 Development of Thoracic Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for Radiotherapy Planning. Journal of thoracic oncology, Vol.12 (1), pp. S1057-S1057.

Rank, C.M. Heußer, T. Buzan, M.T. Wetscherek, A. Freitag, M.T. Dinkel, J. Kachelrieß, M. (2017). 4D respiratory motion-compensated image reconstruction of free-breathing radial MR data with very high undersampling. Magn reson med, Vol.77 (3), pp. 1170-1183.  show abstract

Freedman, J.N. Collins, D.J. Bainbridge, H. Rank, C.M. Nill, S. Kachelrieß, M. Oelfke, U. Leach, M.O. Wetscherek, A. (2017). T2-Weighted 4D Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Application in Magnetic Resonance-Guided Radiotherapy Treatment Planning. Invest radiol, Vol.52 (10), pp. 563-573.  show abstract

Bainbridge, H. Salem, A. Tijssen, R.H. Dubec, M. Wetscherek, A. Van Es, C. Belderbos, J. Faivre-Finn, C. McDonald, F. lung tumour site group of the international Atlantic MR-Linac Consortium, (2017). Magnetic resonance imaging in precision radiation therapy for lung cancer. Transl lung cancer res, Vol.6 (6), pp. 689-707.  show abstract

Fast, M.F. Eiben, B. Menten, M.J. Wetscherek, A. Hawkes, D.J. McClelland, J.R. Oelfke, U. (2017). Tumour auto-contouring on 2d cine MRI for locally advanced lung cancer: A comparative study. Radiother oncol, Vol.125 (3), pp. 485-491.  show abstract

Menten, M.J. Wetscherek, A. Fast, M.F. (2017). MRI-guided lung SBRT: Present and future developments. Phys med, Vol.44, pp. 139-149.  show abstract

Buzan, M.T. Wetscherek, A. Heussel, C.P. Kreuter, M. Herth, F.J. Warth, A. Kauczor, H.-. Pop, C.M. Dinkel, J. (2017). Texture analysis using proton density and T2 relaxation in patients with histological usual interstitial pneumonia (UIP) or nonspecific interstitial pneumonia (NSIP). Plos one, Vol.12 (5), p. e0177689.  show abstract

Rank, C.M. Heußer, T. Wetscherek, A. Freitag, M.T. Sedlaczek, O. Schlemmer, H.-. Kachelrieß, M. (2016). Respiratory motion compensation for simultaneous PET/MR based on highly undersampled MR data. Med phys, Vol.43 (12), p. 6234.  show abstract

Kolb, C. Wetscherek, A. Buzan, M.T. Werner, R. Rank, C.M. Kachelrie, M. Kreuter, M. Dinkel, J. Heuel, C.P. Maier-Hein, K. (2016). Regional Lung Ventilation Analysis Using Temporally Resolved Magnetic Resonance Imaging. J comput assist tomogr, Vol.40 (6), pp. 899-906.  show abstract

Wetscherek, A. Stieltjes, B. Laun, F.B. (2015). Flow-compensated intravoxel incoherent motion diffusion imaging. Magn reson med, Vol.74 (2), pp. 410-419.  show abstract

Book Chapters

Laun, F.B. Wetscherek, A. (2020). Separating Flow from Diffusion Using Velocity-compensated Diffusion Encoding. In Topgaard, D. (Ed.), ADVANCED DIFFUSION ENCODING METHODS IN MRI. (pp. 123-31). ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY, ISBN: 978-1-78801-726-8.

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