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Functional Imaging Team

Dr Christina Messiou's team are advancing innovative imaging techniques for patient benefit.

Team leader

Dr Christina Messiou

Dr Christina Messiou

Team Leader

Dr Christina Messiou is an Oncology Radiologist specialising in the imaging of myeloma, melanoma and soft tissue sarcoma. She is driving forward innovative imaging for the benefit of patients.

ORCID 0000-0002-0557-9379

Team members

Dr Amani Arthur

Clinical Training Fellow

Tiaan Jacobs

Honorary Appointment

Reza Kalantar

PhD student

Annemarie Knill

PhD student

Dr Arash Latifoltojar

Academic Clinical Fellow

Helen Stidwill

Honorary Appointment +44 20 8661 3434

Timothy Sum Mon Hun

PhD student

Imogen Thrussell

PhD student