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Professor Robert Huddart, Clinical Academic Radiotherapy (Huddart) team

Professor Robert Huddart is a team leader in Academic Radiotherapy and the Urology Unit, and leads our Bladder and Testis clinical programs.

Bladder Cancer

In bladder cancer, he was co-UK Chief investigator for the closed CRUK BC2001 trial that has demonstrated improved patient outcomes for concomitant chemotherapy with radiotherapy. Previously he was Chief investigator on the SPARE trial that introduced the concept of selective bladder preservation in the UK.

Currently he is leading protocols investigating the utility of image-guided (IGRT) and intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) for the treatment of muscle invasive bladder cancer and the role that functional imaging may play in its management.

Testicular Cancer

In testicular cancer, he provides clinical input into the ICR’s work to investigate the genetics of familial and sporadic testicular cancer. He has extensive interest in developing the treatment of testicular cancer and, via his former Chairmanship of the National Cancer Research Institute testis group, he has had a lead role in developing the UK testicular cancer trials program.

His role in this program includes being Chief investigator of the TE23 CBOP BEP randomised trial and co- investigator of the two national Phase III trials looking at the management of stage 1 seminoma testis (TRISST). He is also currently working to develop an internationally collaborative salvage treatment protocol (TIGER) for the treatment of relapsed metastatic germ cell tumours.

He has previously demonstrated the impact of treatment for testicular cancer on increasing cardiovascular risk and continue to investigate the issue of long term effects of testicular cancer treatment.

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