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Professor Louis Chesler, Paediatric Solid Tumour Biology and Therapeutics Team

The goal of our laboratory is to improve the treatment and survival of children with neuroblastoma, medulloblastoma and rhabdomyosarcoma, three paediatric solid tumours in which high-risk patient cohorts can be defined by alterations in a single oncogene. We focus on the role of the MYCN oncogene, since aberrant expression of MYCN is very significantly associated with high-risk in all three diseases and implies that they may have a common cell-of-origin.

Elucidating the molecular signalling pathways that control expression of the MYCN oncoprotein and targeting these pathways with novel therapeutics is a major goal of the laboratory. We use a variety of innovative preclinical drug development platforms for this purpose. Technologically, we focus on genetically engineered cancer models incorporating novel imaging (optical and fluorescent) modalities that can be used as markers to monitor disease progression and therapeutic response. 

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