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Professor Nicholas Turner, Molecular Oncology team

Professor Nicholas Turner runs a laboratory that aims to validate potential therapeutic targets in cancer, in particular in breast cancer, and identify the factors that predict for response to therapy. He in addition leads a number of clinical trials of targeted therapy in breast cancer

The main focuses of the laboratory include targeting aberrant Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptors (FGFRs) in cancer. Activation of the FGFRs is one of the most common oncogenic events in cancer, which is frequently associated with a poor outcome. We are interested in identifying determinants of sensitivity to FGFR inhibitors and mechanisms of resistance. The laboratory also has a focus on targeting the dependence on specific cell cycle kinases in breast cancer, in particular WEE1 inhibitor combinations and the targeting of CDK4/6 in breast cancer.

The other main focus of the laboratory is on non-invasive analysis of breast tumour phenotypes through analysis of circulating free DNA, and the potential to use such assays to personalise breast cancer therapy and dissect intra-tumoural heterogeneity.

Professor Turner is Chief Investigator of a number of clinical trials of targeted therapy in breast cancer, with these trials focused on the delivery of personalised therapy for breast cancer.

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