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WiFi for visitors

Guests of a member of staff at the ICR

Wireless Internet access is available to guests of a member of staff at the ICR for business needs related to the HEI sector.  The host at ICR will be able to provide the correct username and password for each visitor.

Visitors from organisations in the eduroam federation

eduroam stands for education roaming and is a federation of institutions that offers internet connectivity to the users of all other member institutions.  Visitors at the ICR can use this service if their home institution is an eduroam member.

The eduroam(UK) Service was developed to enable users from any participant site in the UK to use guest networking services at any other participant site to access the Internet or external services provided by their home site.  For example, eduroam(UK) can let you use the network for tasks such as email access, web browsing and use of VPN services without having to make prior arrangements for a guest account or paying for commercial services. Instead, your familiar credentials authenticate you to educational network services both across the country and internationally.

The eduroam(UK) service forms part of the eduroam federation which includes participants in many other countries – extending usability of the service throughout Europe and around the world 

What is required?

  • You should have set-up eduroam on your computer at your home organisation before visiting the ICR.  This way it will be easier to liaise with your IT support team, if needed, to enable the service.  ICR is unable to support equipment from other institutions.
  • You need to ensure you have the read and agreed to the policies and responsibilities below.
  • The name of the wireless network (SSID) for eduroam at the ICR is eduroam.
  • eduroam is available in all ICR meeting rooms and public spaces within our buildings.
  • You should contact your home organisation if you need help or support while using eduroam at the ICR or visit the JANET website.
  • Ensure your connection authentication is set to WPA2, PEAP and EAP-MSCHAP v2.


Policies and responsibilities