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Amplify our research impact

The ICR and The Royal Marsden are determined that our research should have the greatest possible impact for people with cancer and their families. We believe our world-class research and ability to bridge rapidly between the laboratory and the clinic can have a huge impact for people with cancer not only in the UK, but globally. In doing so, our work can play a vital role in helping grow the UK’s economy.

It is crucial that we lead through networks, articulate the benefits of our research for society and influence the uptake of our findings into routine healthcare.

We will engage with patients and their families to make sure their voice is heard, champion diversity in cancer research and push for equity in access to innovations.

Working through our clinical networks we will shape national strategy, spearheading the adoption of new treatments and approaches to early detection. 

We will engage with funders, the public and the Government about our research, and use patient data to show the benefits of our work for society.

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