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Resources for schools and students

We are passionate about inspiring the cancer researchers of the future.

We work closely with local secondary schools to highlight the broad range of careers in science, and encourage a diverse and inclusive next generation of researchers.

We have produced a range of resources for schools and young people, which highlight careers available at the ICR and help students develop their scientific skills and knowledge.

We work closely with schools in Sutton, Kensington and Chelsea and the surrounding boroughs to engage with local schools. Staff and students often visit schools to give talks and we hold a careers open evening at the ICR for local sixth-form students.

If you’re a teacher and you’re interested in hearing more about how we can work with you, please get in touch with our public engagement office .

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Video for schools: Creating cancer treatments

Our video and resource pack allows students to explore how our researchers discover new cancer drugs and develop them for patients.

Designed for GCSE students, it includes a 10-minute video presented by ICR researchers, a suite of classroom activities to support students’ learning, and a lesson-style presentation containing answers to the activities.

Find the video and resource pack

Booklet for students: Careers in cancer research

Our world-leading research is conducted by people with a wide range of different skills, backgrounds and viewpoints. Our workforce includes researchers with backgrounds in maths, computer science, chemistry and physics, as well as in medicine and biology.

Our careers booklet for secondary school and sixth-form students provides an overview of the careers available in cancer research. It gives readers an idea of what it’s like to work at the ICR, and provides information about next steps for a career as a cancer researcher.

The booklet, which was funded by the Biochemical Society, is available to download.

Download the booklet

Activity for schools: Think like a scientist

Scientists from many different disciplines contribute to the ICR’s world-leading cancer research. While their areas of expertise may differ, they all use the scientific method to test hypotheses and broaden their knowledge.

In our ‘think like a scientist’ challenge, students design and run an experiment based on enzymes and cancer. By leading their own research and showcasing the results in a scientific poster, students learn first-hand about the scientific method.

It is designed for year 7-9 students and can be delivered in class or as part of a science club.

Download the resources for students:

Intro to competition and ICR

What are enzymes, and enzymes in cancer

Guide to your experiment

Guide to writing up your experiment

Download the resource for teachers:

Teachers guide

Poster for schools: How cancer drugs are made

Our printable poster explains how cancer drugs are made and can be used to support students’ learning about drug discovery and development. It is designed for GCSE and A-level learners and was funded by the Biochemical Society.

Download the poster

Poster for schools: DNA and cancer

The ICR was the first place in the world to show that cancer is caused by damage to DNA. We now know that cancer is a genetic disease caused by faults – mutations – in our DNA.

Our printable DNA and cancer poster describes the role of DNA in cancer and explains how researchers are using this knowledge to defeat cancer.

This poster, funded by the Biochemical Society, is aimed at GCSE and A-level students.

Download the poster