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Dr Udai Banerji

Team Leader

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Dr Udai Banerji is responsible for designing and running phase I clinical trials of new personalised cancer treatments. He is a Reader in Molecular Cancer Pharmacology, running a research team and passing on his knowledge to the next generation of researchers and clinicians. Team: Clinical Pharmacology & Trials (including Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Group)

T 0208 661 3984


Dr Udai Banerji is a Cancer Research UK Reader in Molecular Cancer Pharmacology at The Institute of Cancer Research, London, and an Honorary Consultant at The Royal Marsden. He leads the Clinical Pharmacology and Trials team at the Cancer Research UK Cancer Therapeutics Unit at the ICR and is the Deputy Director of the Drug Development Unit.

Dr Banerji is involved in multidisciplinary aspects of early drug discovery, working with preclinical biology and pharmacology teams to get drugs into the clinic. He designs clinical trials of first-in-human studies and ensures that they are carried out to the highest possible standards. As a practising clinician, he forms a crucial link between the ICR’s Division of Cancer Therapeutics, which discovers new anti-cancer drugs, and the Division of Clinical Studies, which includes the Drug Development Unit at the ICR and The Royal Marsden.

He also leads the Clinical Pharmacodynamic Biomarker Group, which is responsible for evaluating pharmacodynamics biomarkers in patient tissue, transitioning biomarkers used in drug discovery onto platforms that can be used to evaluate human tissue from patients. He also runs a group investigating drug resistance and designs and runs hypothesis-testing clinical trials to explore preclinical data generated from these laboratories.

Dr Banerji is a module leader of the Experimental Cancer Pharmacology/Advanced Pharmacology module of the ICR’s MSc for Oncology course trainees from London and the South-East. He also supervises two clinical fellows in his laboratories who are working towards MD (Res) and PhD degrees, respectively.

Dr Banerji enjoys working at the ICR and its partner, The Royal Marsden, which embrace the multi-disciplinary aspects of drug development. This is crucial for the successful development of drugs that ultimately change patients’ lives.

Outside work, his hobbies include tennis, photography and music.

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