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Oncogenetics Team

The Oncogenetics team have three sub-teams working alongside each other: the lab team of scientists and clinical fellows, the data team of scientists and administrators and the clinical team of nurses and clinical fellows. Our principal investigator, Professor Ros Eeles, oversees these teams.

Team leader

Professor Rosalind Eeles

Professor Rosalind Eeles

Professor of Oncogenetics

Professor Rosalind Eeles is searching for genetic variants that increase a person’s risk of prostate cancer and is currently leading a clinical trial looking into whether regular screening of men with certain genetic mutations leads to earlier diagnosis.

ORCID 0000-0002-3698-6241

Team members

Fay Allen

Administrator 02034376407

Ezequiel Anokian

Bioinformatics Officer 0208 722 4027

Elizabeth Bancroft

Senior Research Nurse 020 8722 4483

Lorna Barakzai

Academic PA to Professor Ros Eeles 02087224094

Sarah Benafif

Clinical Research Fellow

Anne Marie Borges De Silva

Research Assistant 02034376186

Mark Brook

Biostatistician 020 8722 4445

Anthony Chamberlain

Research Assistant 020 8722 4483

Tokhir Dadaev

Data Scientist

Nening Dennis

Senior Biological Specimen Coordinator & Data Manager 0208 722 4034

Koveela Govindasami

Research Study Coordinator 020 8722 4395

Matthew Hogben

Research Nurse 0208 722 4483

Nafisa Hussain

Data Manager 0208 722 4395

Denzil James

Research Administrator/Sample Coordinator

Ann-Britt Jones

Clinical Research Fellow

Questa Karlsson

Higher Scientific Officer 0208 722 4027

Diana Keating

Research Administrator

Dr Zsofia Kote-Jarai

Senior Staff Scientist

Eva McGrowder

Research Study Coordinator 020 8722 4483

Romayne McMahon

Research Assistant 0208 661 3063

Susan Merson

Higher Scientific Officer

Andrea Mullen

Research Assistant

Kathryn Myhill

Research Nurse 0208 722 4483

Holly Ni Raghallaigh

Clinical Research Fellow

Andi (Andrea) Osborne

Data Manager/AHP 0208 772 4162

Elizabeth Page

Research Coordinator 020 8722 4483

Jenny Pope

Research Administrator

Reshma Rageevakumar

Scientific Officer

Ed Saunders

Higher Scientific Officer 0208 722 4027

Natalie Taylor

Research Nurse 0208 722 4483

Sarah Thomas

Research Nurse 0208 722 4483

Alison Thwaites

Research Study Coordinator 02087224094

Sarah Wakerell

Scientific Officer