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The ICR on social media

A variety of social media platforms are used by The Institute of Cancer Research, London, to communicate a wide range of news and information about our research, teaching and charitable activities.

If you have any concerns or questions about any of our social media posts, please let us know.


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We post on Twitter as @ICR_London, sharing news about recent research highlights, PhD opportunities, fundraising news, as well as details of current vacancies at the ICR. Several of our research teams, prominent scientists and most of the ICR's Communications Directorate are active on this platform and lists for both of these groups are available through Twitter.



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Our Facebook page focuses on updates regarding recent research news and information about upcoming fundraising events. We also celebrate the accomplishments of our Team ICR members who have raised money to support our research.


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Our LinkedIn page mirrors a lot of the content shared to Facebook, but focuses on research news, our collaborations with industry and organisational updates.


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We have a range of videos on our YouTube channel featuring our scientists talking about their research, fundraisers speaking about their challenges and patient advocates telling their cancer stories.



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We post some of our more engaging pictures, along with video content and Instagram stories, on our Instagram account @icr_london.



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Our Pinterest account currently features six different boards which cover various aspects of our activities, including an Around the ICR board with images from around our three London locations.