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NCRI 2019

The National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Cancer Conference is the UK's largest meeting of cancer researchers and doctors. In 2019, the conference was held in Glasgow from 3-5 November and, as always, the ICR attended. This page gathers together news, blog posts and videos from the event.

You can also see the many #NCRI2019 tweets from our @ICR_London Twitter account.

NCRI 2019 conference at the SEC Centre in Glasgow

Image: NCRI 2019 conference at the SEC Centre in Glasgow. Credit: Simon Callaghan Photography 

Blog: What patients want and new territory in cancer research – looking back over a packed three days

In our closing blog from the 2019 NCRI Cancer Conference, Rose Wu looks back over the Glasgow event, and picks out some highlights.

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Blog: Treatable but not curable – cancer as a chronic disease

New treatments and an ageing population are giving rise to a new group of patients who have cancers which are treatable but not curable. Joanne Duffy considers the research and patient perspectives on this growing issue.

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Video: Professor Clare Isacke looks ahead to cancer research in 2020

Professor Isacke, Molecular Cell Biology Team Leader, and Joint Chair of the NCRI Scientific Committee looks ahead to the next year of cancer research.


Video: BACR / Astex Roger Griffin Prize for Cancer Drug Discovery

Former ICR PhD student, Liam Hudson, speaks about his British Association for Cancer Research / Astex Roger Griffin Prize for Cancer Drug Discovery at #NCRI2019.


Blog: Thinking outside the box for new cancer screening methods

Screening and testing for cancer is a huge challenge, and doesn’t always result in fewer people dying of cancer. Joanne Duffy discusses an NCRI conference talk on how we can think outside the box when it comes to cancer screening and prevention.

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Video: Professor Ros Eeles on IMPACT study findings

Professor Ros Eeles, Professor of Oncogenetics at the ICR, leads the IMPACT study that was presented at #NCRI2019. She comments on the findings.


News: Men over 40 with BRCA2 gene fault ‘should get regular PSA screening’

Guidelines should change so that all men over the age of 40 with faults in the BRCA2 gene should be offered regular PSA testing to detect early signs of prostate cancer, experts are urging.

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Video: Professor Nicola Valeri receives the BACR/AstraZeneca Frank Rose Award

Professor Nicola Valeri reacts to being presented with an award for significant contributions to translational research, at the NCRI 2019 conference in Glasgow.


Blog: Making research count for patients – reflecting on a fascinating first day at the UK’s biggest cancer conference

Ben Kolbington reflects on the first day of the 15th NCRI conference in Glasgow, in which a key theme was turning research advances into practical and affordable solutions for improving patients’ lives.

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