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The MR Linac Unit

The MR Linac machine combines two technologies — an MRI scanner and a linear accelerator — to precisely locate tumours, tailor the shape of X-ray beams in real time, and accurately deliver doses of radiation even to moving tumours.

Located at the Sutton site of the ICR and The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, the MR Linac Unit is the first of its kind in the UK and only the fourth in the world. This page collects together recent news and video regarding this groundbreaking technology which will be used to precisely locate tumours and accurately deliver doses of radiation.

MR Linac machine at ICR and The Royal Marsden

News: Local MP scanned as healthy volunteer in pioneering new MR Linac radiotherapy machine

Local MP Paul Scully has volunteered to be scanned as part of research to help develop a revolutionary new type of radiotherapy machine.

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MR Linac: first healthy volunteer scanned in pioneering new radiotherapy machine

The first healthy volunteer has been scanned using a revolutionary new type of radiotherapy machine, which is set to transform cancer treatment by allowing radiation to be aimed at tumours with extreme precision.

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Video: Mayor of London launches MR Linac and vists ICR

November 2016: After opening the new MR Linac radiotherapy machine at The Royal Marsden, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan visited the ICR to tour a laboratory with our Chief Executive, Professor Paul Workman, and learn more about plans for The London Cancer Hub.


Video: What is the MR Linac?

November 2016: Watch our scientists and clinicians explain what the MR Linac is, how it works and why it could transform radiotherapy for cancer patients.


News: A new era in cancer treatment to begin as Sadiq Khan opens revolutionary radiotherapy machine

November 2016: A pioneering new type of radiotherapy machine opened today by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has the potential to transform the care of cancer patients by directing radiation even at tumours that move during treatment.

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Feature: Progress with MR Linac radiotherapy machine promises a new era of personalised therapy

June 2016: Following the delivery of a giant magnet for the groundbreaking MR Linac machine, Dr Claire Bithell considers what its completion will mean for personalised cancer therapy.

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Video: Construction of the MR Linac facility

May 2016: Drone footage taken during construction of the MR Linac facility. Video provided by The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust.


Blog: Sneak preview: Inside the new facility that hopes to revolutionise radiotherapy

March 2016: Dr Claire Bithell gives an update on the construction of the facility to house the new MR Linac machine.

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Blog: The huge hole in the ground that is set to revolutionise radiotherapy

October 2015: Dr Claire Bithell visited the site of our revolutionary new radiotherapy machine — the MR Linac — to see how work was progressing.

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