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Professor Stan Kaye honoured with students at annual awards

Professor Stan Kaye, a pioneer in experimental clinical trials world-class translational research, was honoured alongside students and former staff members at our annual celebration, the ICR Awards Ceremony.

The annual ceremony is one of the signature events of the ICR calendar and, in addition to the award of degrees, provides an opportunity to celebrate the achievement of employees and other individuals who have made crucial contributions to the ICR.

The event, at the University of London’s Senate House earlier this week, celebrated the successes of more than 80 graduating students and recognised their contributions to their chosen areas of cancer research or practice.

A total of 38 students were awarded their PhDs by the University of London’s Vice Chancellor Professor Sir Adrian Smith at the ceremony – 14 were awarded the MD(Res), 11 achieved a Master’s of Science in Oncology and there were 18 other postgraduate awards in oncology.

PhD students Daniel Itzhak and Nicola Whiffin, and MD(Res) student Dr Angela George, received prizes from ICR Chairman Luke Johnson for outstanding achievement in their degrees.

An Honorary Doctor of Science Degree was conferred upon Professor Kaye for his outstanding contribution to the field of cancer research.

His citation, delivered by ICR Chief Executive Professor Paul Workman, stated: “A defining quality of Stan’s long and productive research career is his lifelong commitment to addressing important clinical questions through innovative, well-designed and superbly conducted clinical trials supported by high-quality translational research. His contributions have been very significant and his impact wide-ranging.”

Several individuals were also appointed as Associates and Members of the ICR, for contributions that have played a key role in supporting our mission, to make the discoveries that defeat cancer.

The ceremony appointed Mr Paul Farley and former ICR team leader Professor Michelle Garrett as Associates of the Institute for their exceptional service to the ICR.

Mr William Burns, Mr Graham Clarke, Mr Charles Geffen, Mrs Jane Hamilton, Professor Timothy Maughan, Dr Brendan O’Neil and Dr Michael Young were appointed Members of the Institute.

Dr Barbara Pittam, Registrar and Director of Academic Services, said: “For all those graduating this week, the ICR is proud to have played a part in their education. We offer them all our warmest congratulations and wish them well as they embark on the next stage of their careers. We expect many will go on to become leaders in their chosen fields and we hope that what they have learned at the ICR will help them tackle the many challenges they will face.

“It is also with pleasure that we awarded Professor Kaye an honorary degree of Doctor of Science (Medicine), for his outstanding contribution to the field of medical oncology. In addition Professor Kaye has had an enormous impact on clinical research at the ICR, including establishing our world-renowned Drug Development Unit, and his legacy will continue to be felt for many years to come.”

Addressing the students graduating at the event, Professor Workman said: “You will have gained enormously in knowledge, skills, experience and contacts, through studying and working at the cutting edge of research or clinical practice. You have already begun on the road to scientific discovery with the results that you have achieved in your world-class projects. I am sure it has been tough at times, and we have expected great things of you – and you have delivered.”

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