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Professor Stan Kaye

Team Leader

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Professor Stan Kaye is a consultant who specialises in drug development, drug resistance and ovarian cancer. He has authored over 350 peer-reviewed papers and sits on the editorial boards of 12 cancer journals.
0208 661 3538/3539 ORCID 0000-0003-3318-8575


Professor Stan Kaye is a consultant in the Drug Development Unit (DDU) at the ICR and The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. The DDU is one of the world’s largest Phase I Units, taking part in approximately 30 current new drug trials. Over 300 patients per year now enter Phase I trials in the DDU.

Professor Kaye joined the ICR in September 2000 after 20 years in Glasgow, 15 of which were spent as Head of Medical Oncology at Glasgow University.

He qualified in medicine in 1972 in London and completed training in medicine and oncology in London and Australia. His major specialities include drug development, drug resistance and ovarian cancer.

The author of more than 350 peer reviewed papers, he sits on the Editorial Board of 12 cancer journals and has held various national and international responsibilities.

Professor Kaye came to the ICR because “it is one of the best places in the world to do clinical new drug development”. He has a busy clinical practice at The Royal Marsden, with responsibility for the core of patients with gynaecological cancer as well as those in the Drug Development Unit.  He says his field of cancer research is “rewarding and exciting”, but wishes he had more time to see the world. In the small amount of spare time he has, Professor Kaye enjoys walking and squash.