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Professor Laurence Pearl awarded prestigious Novartis Medal and Prize

Professor Laurence Pearl

Professor Laurence Pearl, Head of the Division of Structural Biology, has been awarded the Novartis Medal and Prize by the Biochemical Society.

The award is given annually to scientists working in the UK and Ireland in recognition of their contributions to the development of any branch of biochemistry.

Professor Pearl's award recognises his expertise in structural biology, especially his work to understand the precise shape and structure of the proteins involved in repairing DNA damage.

As the 2018 recipient of the prize, Professor Pearl will present an award lecture at the society's headquarters in Charles Darwin House on 13 November.

Professor Pearl's Macromolecular Structure Group seeks to understand the structural basis for assembly, specificity and regulation of the multi-protein complexes involved in the recognition, repair and signalling of DNA damage, and in the chaperone-mediated stabilisation and activation of cellular signalling pathways.

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Significant contributions

In announcing Professor Pearl's award, the Biochemical Society praised his significant contributions to our understanding of the proteins that carry out DNA repair and DNA damage signalling.

In particular, they highlighted his research into how these proteins are assembled and regulated.

They also emphasised that he takes a multidisciplinary approach to his work, combining biochemical, structural, genetic and cell biology techniques – and that in many cases this work has translated to the discovery of new small molecule therapeutics.

Professor Colin Bingle, Acting Chair of the Awards Committee, said: “The Biochemical Society Awards are the perfect way to honour exceptional scientists within the bioscience community.

“On behalf of the Society, I'd like to congratulate the winners, all of whom have made outstanding contributions in their fields. Well done.”

Professor Pearl said: “I'm delighted and amazed by this award and overawed to be in the company of the previous recipients, which includes so many scientists who have inspired me throughout my career.

“I've been incredibly lucky with the clever and determined people who've come to work with me over the years, and our international network of collaborators.”


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