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Discovery Club members meet next generation of cancer researchers

Sarah Banafif Clinical Research Fellow with Discovery Club member

Image: Sarah Banafif Clinical Research Fellow with Discovery Club member. Credit: ICR / ProfotoDesign.

A number of up-and-coming cancer researchers from the ICR shared the research challenges they are working on to outsmart cancer at our latest Discovery Club event.

Introduced by the ICR’s Academic Dean Professor Clare Isacke, the event provided a chance for our donors to understand some of the different steps and milestones involved in a career in cancer research – including the different scientific and clinical routes possible – and showcased why it is so important to invest in the next generation of cancer researchers.

Investing in the next generation

Seven ICR PhD students, clinical fellows and postdoctoral scientists were given just one minute to present their research – on topics ranging from developing a low-cost test for colorectal cancer to the use of genetic profiling to guide decisions around screening for prostate cancer.

Speakers on the night included Clinical Research Fellows Dr Elisa Fontana and Dr Sarah Benafif, Postdoctoral Training Fellows Dr Ahmet Acar, Dr Maxine Lam, Dr Simon Vyse and Dr Hannah Wang and PhD student Elisa Izquierdo Delgado.

The ICR is proud to have an international student community, with 114 students and 139 postdoctoral training fellows from more than 40 countries - from Australia to Zimbabwe.

Support from our Discovery Club members is contributing to the training of 16 PhD students and Clinical Research Fellows at the ICR, as well as a number of postdoctoral scientists.

Following on from the presentations, our guests were able to speak to the researchers in a more informal setting, sharing feedback on their presentations and reading their accompanying posters describing their work in more detail.

The Discovery Club provides its members with personal access to the science behind our discoveries. Through special events and updates, it is an opportunity to speak directly with the people who are working towards better outcomes for cancer patients and learn more about our research.

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Platform for junior researchers

Academic Dean Professor Clare Isacke said:

“It was a great opportunity for our junior researchers to be given the platform to share their research with some of the ICR’s long-standing and high-level supporters, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in their own fields.

“Now, more than ever, it is important that scientists can communicate their work to different audiences – and it was wonderful to see our guests mingling with our junior researchers to discuss their presentations and the aims of their research.”

Get in touch

The Discovery Club is our high-level giving club whose members help us to drive forward our scientific strategy through philanthropic investment in key organisational priorities.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Hannah Joyce, Deputy Director of Philanthropy.


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