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Video: Drug development and clinical trials for immunotherapy and radiosensitising drugs

Professor Kevin Harrington is Professor of Biological Cancer Therapies and Joint Head of the Division of Radiotherapy and Imaging at the ICR. He works at the forefront of research into biologically targeted agents, and has been a leading figure in phase III clinical trials that have established immunotherapies as approved treatments for melanoma and head and neck cancers.

In the lab, Professor Harrington and his team specialise in developing treatments that use viruses, antibodies or small molecules to selectively destroy cancer cells and activate endogenous anti-tumour activity. They work at the interface between biologically-targeted agents and standard therapies, using new approaches to improve the effectiveness of current treatments.

As Head of the Department for Radiotherapy and Imaging, Professor Harrington has played a leading role in the development of new forms of radiotherapy treatment including Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT). He is combining his expertise in radiotherapy and biological therapeutics in the lab by developing radiosensitising agents including targeted drugs.

Professor Harrington has a track record of successful industry partnerships, and is open to approaches for the collaborative development of candidate drugs and agents.

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