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Spin Out Companies

The Business and Innovation Office also forms its own companies, known as spin-out companies, in order to attract the required investment to enable us to advance cancer research.

Domainex Ltd

In 2002, Business and Innovation Office played a key role in establishing the spin-out company Domainex Ltd together with its partners, Birkbeck College and University College London (UCL).

Professor Laurence Pearl and Dr Chris Prodromou were ICR’s founder scientists of the company. The initial investment that enabled formation of Domainex came from the Bloomsbury BioSeed Fund.

Domainex was established to utilise novel technologies that facilitate drug discovery and development providing an innovative foundation for the company’s own drug discovery programmes, and unique scientific support to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

2006 was a year of significant advances for Domainex, with the company successfully completing its first commercial contract, demonstrating the true value of its technologies and raising additional investment. In May 2007, Domainex merged with another company, NCE Discovery at Cambridge, to form a new integrated company with divisions in biology, chemistry and drug development.

London Genetics

London Genetics was launched in 2006, a specialist agency created to facilitate partnerships between industry and academic centres of excellence in genetics and genomics-based research across London.

London Genetics is a unique organisation that has been formed from a consortium of seven world-renowned medical research institutes to generate and manage partnerships between leading academic and clinical researchers and the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. 

London Genetics’ partners are King’s College London; University College London, Imperial College London, Queen Mary, St George’s, University of London, The London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and The Institute of Cancer Research. The Company, limited by guarantee, is funded by the London Development Agency. 

Gamma Technologies Ltd

A collaborative project initiated in 2001 between Professor Bob Ott of the ICR Physics Department and Space Research Scientists at the University of Leicester, has led to the development of a novel high performance device for gamma ray imaging. Gamma Technologies Ltd is a new spin out company set up by the University of Leicester to develop technology for biomedical applications including cancer imaging. The ICR has a shareholding in this company

Other spin out companies developed by the enterprise unit include Chroma Therapeutics, Proacta, Petrra and PIramed.