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Will for Free FAQs: Supporters

If you are a solicitor interested in joining the Will for Free scheme, please refer to the solicitor Will for Free FAQs.

What is Will for Free?

Will for Free is an exciting collaboration between participating solicitors and the Institute of Cancer Research, London, which allows you to make a Will free of charge. The cost of your Will is paid by the ICR.

In exchange, we hope you will consider including a gift to the ICR in your Will.

The purpose of the Will for Free programme is to raise long-term income to support our world-leading cancer research.

If you only require a basic single or joint (mirror) Will, you will not pay any additional costs.

The ICR will pay the solicitor £110 +VAT for a single Will or £180 +VAT for a mirror Will.

If your needs are more complex you can still use the programme to make your Will, but you may need to pay additional costs – your solicitor will advise you of these at the initial consultation.

Why does the ICR need a gift in my Will?

Our 800 laboratory-based scientists and clinicians are working on a broad spectrum of research, from understanding the underlying biological causes of cancer to designing and testing the latest cutting-edge therapies.  Find out more about our scientific discoveries.

Legacy gifts are a vital source of funds for us. They underpin our discoveries and achievements in cancer research, leading to better diagnosis and treatments and improving patients’ lives. Gifts in Wills have helped us:

  • build new laboratories, such as the Centre for Cancer Imaging which opened in 2013.
  • purchase numerous pieces of equipment, so we can take advantage of the latest cutting-edge technologies, for instance genetic sequencing technologies.
  • fund PhD studentships – giving us the opportunity to train the very best young minds to become future leaders in cancer research.

This is why we hope that if you choose to make your Will for free with us, you will consider joining the thousands of people who’ve made a difference by leaving us a gift in their Will.

How much of the ICR’s income is spent on research?

In 2021/22, 96% of our total expenditure of £161.2 million was spent directly on charitable activities, including research, education and information.

Can anyone take part in Will for Free?

The scheme runs all year round in  areas of the UK where we have participating solicitors. To be eligible you must be at least 60 years of age. If you require a joint Will, only one person must be aged over 60.

Can I support a specific research project or cancer type?

Yes, please contact our Legacy Team before making your Will on 020 7153 5387 for help on how to do this, and to make sure we can fulfil your wishes.

What can I do if there is no solicitor near to me?

We have a limited number of participating solicitors, and some areas have fewer solicitors than others. It may be worth calling your nearest participating solicitor to find out if you can have the Will written by phone and post. If you still have no luck, please get in touch with the Legacy Team on 020 7153 5387 and we can see if your local solicitor will participate. 

I have received a leaflet from the ICR – how did you get my details?

We try to contact anyone who lives near our participating solicitors and  are over 60 years old. We do not have access to medical records, health, income or lifestyle information – this information is entirely confidential and cannot be shared..

As the leaflet is non-addressed mail and does not contain a name and address we are unable to exclude you from receiving it, but you can opt out of receiving all non-addressed mail with the Royal Mail.

I cannot find the ICR on the Charity Commission website – are you a proper charity?

The ICR is not registered with the Charity Commission because we are a college of the University of London – this is standard for long-standing universities and museums.

We are regulated by the Office for Students, which has similar powers to the Charity Commission. Our exempt reference number is X90004.

You can read more about exempt charities here:

Need more help?

Please email [email protected] and we’ll get back to you within 3 working days.

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