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Fees and costs

Tuition fees

Tuition fees cover aspects of study such as registration, tuition, supervision and examination. They are paid each year as part of registering on a degree programme.

Your tuition fee will differ depending on the programme you study, and whether you are a home / EU or overseas fee-paying student, and whether you are studying full-time or part-time.

You can find tuition fees for PhD / MPhil students on our tuition fees webpage. This page is updated each spring, once we have set our tuition fees for the upcoming academic year. 

Applicants for Science PhDs are able to apply for studentships that pay for tuition fees, research expenses, and provide a tax-free stipend for living expenses.

See our PhD studentship projects for more information.

Living costs

As well as your tuition fees, you will also need to meet your own living costs and travel expenses. These costs will vary depending on your personal circumstances, and whether you have a PhD studentship or are self-funding your studies.

You may find yourself travelling during peak-times when travelling to the ICR's sites in Chelsea and Sutton. This involves paying higher fares on public transport – see Transport for London for more information.

Additional costs

There are no compulsory elements of this course that entail additional costs beyond tuition fees and living costs.

However please note that, depending on your choice of research topic and the research required to complete it, you may incur additional expenses such as conference fees (if you decided to publish and present your work).

If you do not have a studentship to cover conference costs, you may be able to apply for small grants to help you cover some of these expenses.

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