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Professor Bissan Al-Lazikani Dr Gerhardt Attard Dr Chris Bakal Professor Jeffrey Bamber Dr Susana Banerjee Professor Udai Banerji Dr James Bedford Dr Gurdip Bhalay Professor Julian Blagg Professor Judith Bliss Professor Robert Brown Dr Fernando Calvo Dr Maggie Cheang Professor Louis Chesler Dr Julia Chisholm Professor Rajesh Chopra Dr Jyoti Choudhary Professor Ian Collins Dr Gideon Coster Dr Dimitra Darambara Dr Norman Davey Professor Johann de Bono Professor David Dearnaley Professor Nandita deSouza Professor Jessica Downs Professor Julian Downward Professor Mitch Dowsett Professor Sue Eccles Professor Rosalind Eeles Dr Olivia Fletcher Dr Marco Gerlinger Professor Mel Greaves Dr Sebastian Guettler Professor Emma Hall Professor Kevin Harrington Dr Emma Harris Mr Andrew Hayes Dr Swen Hoelder Professor Richard Houlston Dr Paul Huang Professor Robert Huddart Thomas Ind Professor Clare Isacke Professor Keith Jones Professor Chris Jones Dr Robin Jones Professor Ian Judson Professor Stan Kaye Dr Anna Kirby Dr Vladimir Kirkin Dr Gabriela Kramer-Marek Professor James Larkin Professor Martin Leach Professor Spiros Linardopoulos Professor Chris Lord Professor Chris Marshall Dr Helen McNair Professor Pascal Meier Professor Alan Melcher Dr Christina Messiou Dr Edward Morris Dr Rachael Natrajan Professor Wojciech Niedzwiedz Professor Chris Nutting Professor Uwe Oelfke Professor Wim Oyen Professor Laurence Pearl Professor Jonathon Pines Dr Sanjay Popat Dr George Poulogiannis Dr Simon Robinson Dr Olivia Rossanese Miss Jennifer Rusby Dr Anguraj Sadanandam Professor Janet Shipley Dr Graham Smith Mr Myles Smith Dr Navita Somaiah Dr Andrea Sottoriva Dr Amanda Swain Professor Anthony Swerdlow Dr Diana Tait Dr David Taussig Professor Gail ter Haar Dr Alison Tree Dr Samra Turajlic Professor Nicholas Turner Professor Andrew Tutt Dr Nicola Valeri Dr Nicholas van As Professor Winette van der Graaf Dr Rob van Montfort Dr Alessandro Vannini Dr Igor Vivanco Dr Andreas Wetscherek Dr Steven Whittaker Professor Paul Workman Professor John Yarnold Dr Yinyin Yuan
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