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Professor Christina Yap

Team Leader

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Christina Yap is Professor of Clinical Trials Biostatistics at the ICR. Christina is an expert in the design and implementation of efficient, adaptive designs in clinical trials. Team: ICR-CTSU Early Phase and Adaptive Trials
02087224022 ORCID 0000-0002-6715-2514


Originally from Singapore, Christina completed a Master in Science (Mathematics and Statistics) at the University of Glasgow in 1999 and was awarded William M. Mercer Ltd. Prize for Most Outstanding Statistics Graduate. She then undertook a PhD in Statistics, fully funded by the Council of Vice Chancellors and Principals Overseas Research Scholarship & University of Glasgow Postgraduate Scholarship.

Christina is a chartered statistician with over 15 years’ experience and has expertise in both trials methodology and the conduct of clinical trials. She is motivated by a desire to ensure that trials are utilised to their best potential to influence clinical practice. Her research focuses on developing and translating innovative methodologies into real-world practice, enabling more effective trial delivery for the ultimate benefit to patients.

Prior to joining the Institute of Cancer Research, London in 2019, Christina led the early phase cancer trials portfolio (which comprised of over 25 trials in solid tumours and haematological diseases) at the Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit, University of Birmingham. She had an instrumental role in progressing the unit from conventional rule-based dose-finding designs to more efficient designs - notably, she developed and led the implementation of the first model-based modified Continual Reassessment Method in an academic sponsored trial in the UK in 2012.

Since then, Christina has led the design and implementation of innovative, efficient designs in over 15 trials (ranging from early phase I/II to multi-arm multi-stage randomised Phase II/III designs, including basket, umbrella and platform designs and the application of Bayesian approaches to such settings), successfully translating novel designs into practice. She also led the late phase trial portfolios in head and neck cancer and skin cancer. She has a broad experience of other disease areas, and has worked collaboratively as the lead statistical methodologist in several clinical trials. 

Christina is joint-lead of the Stratified Medicine Working Group in the MRC-NIHR Trials Methodology Research Partnership and is also a core committee member of the Statistical Analysis Working Group and a member of the Adaptive Designs Working Group. She co-leads the NIHR Statistics – Early Phase Clinical Trials Group. She also sits on funding panels for the Cancer Research UK Clinical Research Committee and is a co-opted member on the Cancer Research UK Clinical Expert Research Panel. Christina is an appointed member on two National Cancer Research Institute Groups: Head & Neck Cancer and Skin Cancer. She has been invited to speak at international conferences and symposia, organised training courses for statisticians, clinicians and trialists, and sits on international and national data monitoring committees.

Outside of work, Christina enjoys walking, craft and listening to music particularly by harp and flute; the latter being greatly influenced by her daughters’ musical interests.