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Jo Haviland

Senior Researcher

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Jo Haviland is a Principal Statistician in the ICR’s Clinical Trials and Statistics Unit, and an expert in the design, analysis and reporting of clinical studies. Team: ICR-CTSU Breast and Rare Cancers Trials
+442034376386 ORCID 0000-0001-5728-3636

Biography and research overview

Jo Haviland is a statistician with over 30 years’ experience of working in clinical trials and epidemiology, particularly in oncology. After training in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Southampton, she held initial positions as a Statistician at the Medical Research Council Laboratories in the University of the West Indies (in Kingston, Jamaica) and as a Research Fellow and Lecturer at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She first joined the ICR’s Clinical Trials Statistics Unit (CTSU) in 1996, and became a Principal Statistician in 2016. 

She is involved with all stages of projects from trial design, funding application, ongoing trial monitoring, interim and final analyses to reporting of trial results. The main focus of her role is to provide senior scientific oversight to the breast radiotherapy trial portfolio within the CTSU, including a number of successful funding applications for phase III clinical trials. She has an interest in radiobiology, as well as issues around the reporting and analysis of radiotherapy adverse effects, including patient-reported outcomes.

She has led the statistical analysis and reporting of the primary results for practice-changing clinical trials including the START and FAST-Forward phase III trials of hypofractionated breast radiotherapy that have informed international clinical guidelines, and is joint lead or lead author on a number of high-impact publications.

Other duties include providing senior statistical oversight for a number of phase II and III clinical trials and associated translational research. She is a member of the Royal Marsden/ICR Committee for Clinical Research.

She is actively involved in teaching statistics and research methods, including statistics training for ICR staff and students, and the ICR’s MSc Oncology as joint leader of the Research Methods module and provision of statistical support for students undertaking their dissertation.