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Dr Rachael Natrajan

Team Leader

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Dr Rachael Natrajan is researching the ways in which different subgroups of breast cancer can be characterised through genetic analysis of the tumour. By improving this understanding, it is hoped that new treatments can be developed for specific breast cancer subtypes. Team: Functional Genomics

T 0207 153 5546


For her PhD, Dr Rachael Natrajan studied the molecular pathology of the paediatric kidney cancer Wilms' Tumour with Dr Chris Jones at The Institute of Cancer Research in Sutton.

After this, Dr Natrajan joined the Breast Cancer Now Toby Robins Research Centre as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, training with Professor Jorge Reis-Filho. Her research has focused on the heterogeneity of breast cancers and has identified that different subgroups of breast cancer are characterised by distinct arrays of genomic alterations.

Her work has already revealed some significant genetic alterations specific to different subtypes of breast cancer and has highlighted potential new drug targets.

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