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Dr Emma Harris

Team Leader

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Dr Emma Harris and her team are developing imaging techniques to increase the effectiveness of radiation oncology to treat a number of different cancer sites. Her main focus is the development of various novel ultrasonic imaging techniques to locate the radiotherapy target volume, to guide the delivery of radiotherapy and to help predict, and monitor, treatment response. Team: Imaging for Radiotherapy Adaptation


After obtaining an MSc in Radiation Physics from University College London Dr. Harris trained as a clinical medical physicist in Oxford, specialising in Radiotherapy, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.  Dr. Emma Harris received her PhD in Radiation Physics from University College London in 2002 for her study of novel radiation detectors and their application to X-ray diffraction imaging for the detection of breast cancer. After a couple of years working in a government laboratory developing X-ray and particle imaging detectors she joined the Joint Department of Physics at the ICR and the Royal Marsden Hospital to focus on ultrasound and X-ray imaging to help guide radiation therapy of breast and abdominal cancers.

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