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Professor Amy Berrington

Group Leader

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Professor Amy Berrington is an expert in the use of real world data to study the late-effects of cancer treatments, medical radiation exposures and other medications and is leading major studies in this field in breast and childhood cancer survivors. She is a member of multiple national and international advisory boards and is currently Vice-Chair of the US National Academy of Science Nuclear and Radiation Studies Board. Group: Clinical Cancer Epidemiology
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Professor Amy Berrington originally trained in mathematics and applied statistics and then received a DPhil in Cancer Epidemiology from the University of Oxford in 2001. After completing her postdoctoral research in Professor Valerie Beral’s department at the University of Oxford she moved to the US in 2005 to take up a position as an Assistant Professor in Epidemiology & Biostatistics at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

She joined the Radiation Epidemiology Branch at the US National Cancer Institute in 2008, was awarded scientific tenure as a Senior Investigator in 2011 and promoted to Branch Chief in 2014. Professor Berrington joined the ICR in 2022 as Group Leader in Clinical Cancer Epidemiology.

Professor Berrington specialises in using real world data to quantify the late-effects from cancer treatments, medical radiation exposures and other medications. She has led several large-scale electronic record linkage studies including a cohort study of breast cancer survivors, the UK Pediatric CT scan cohort and the first multi-center study comparing proton therapy to photon therapy for childhood cancer treatment. 

She has a particular interest in the epidemiological methods that underpin the use of real world data and is co-editor of a forthcoming book on these methods for bias assessment. Since joining ICR she has become the Principal Investigator for the Generations Study.

Professor Berrington is the Vice-Chair of the National Academy of Science Nuclear and Radiation Studies, the founding President of the International Society for Radiation Epidemiology and Dosimetry (ISORED) and has served on many national and international radiation and cancer epidemiology advisory boards and review committees. She previously served on the editorial board for the American Journal of Epidemiology.