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Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Radiotherapy Team

Dr Andreas Wetscherek's team are developing new MRI techniques for radiotherapy with particular application to the UK's first MR-Linac machine.

Team leader

Dr Andreas Wetscherek

Dr Andreas Wetscherek

Team Leader

Dr Andreas Wetscherek's research is focused on developing magnetic resonance imaging techniques for radiotherapy with particular application to the UK’s first MR-Linac machine.

ORCID 0000-0003-4799-2193

Team members

Dr Wajiha Bano
Dr Wajiha Bano
Postdoctoral Training Fellow

I am a Postdoctoral Training Fellow working on implementing latest MR image reconstruction techniques to develop fast volumetric imaging for MR Linac. Specifically, the focus of the project is the fast mapping of relaxation parameters to characterise hypoxia in tumours to determine their resistance to radiotherapy treatment.

Rosie Goodburn
Rosie Goodburn
PhD Student

I am a PhD student working on techniques for MRI-guided radiotherapy. My project aim is to develop and implement methods for generating respiratory-resolved (4D) synthetic CT images in lung that are ready for online applications with a 1.5-Tesla MR Linac.

Prashant Nair
Postdoctoral Training Fellow T +44 20 3437 6813

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Joshua Freedman
PhD Student 2015-2019 
Physicist at Elekta, UK
Oliver Gurney-Champion Postdoctoral Fellow
Assistant Professor at Amsterdam University Medical Centers, The Netherlands