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Molecular Cell Biology Team 

Professor Clare Isacke’s Team investigates the environments surrounding breast cancer cells, in order to understand the molecular basis of the disease’s progression.

Team leader

Professor Clare Isacke

Professor Clare Isacke

Professor Clare Isacke aims to identify the processes by which tumour cells recruit non-cancerous cells during metastasis. She has held several senior positions at the ICR, including acting as Interim Head of the Division of Breast Cancer Research, and is currently Academic Dean.

ORCID 0000-0002-9222-3345

Team members

Sarah Ash

PhD Student

Dr Amanda Fitzpatrick

Clinical Research Fellow

Marjan Iravani

Staff Scientist

Dr Liam Jenkins

Honorary Appointment

Rebecca Orha

Scientific Officer

Dr Douglas Perkins

Honorary Appointment

Frances Turrell

Post-doctoral Training Fellow

David Vicente

Scientific Officer