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Functional Tumour Immunology Team

Dr Esther Arwert’s team is identifying ways to target the tumour microenvironment to enhance anti-tumour T cell responses.

Team leader

Dr Esther Arwert

Dr Esther Arwert

ICR Fellow

Dr Esther Arwert leads the Functional Tumour Immunology team. She is a cancer cell biologist with immuno-oncology expertise, aiming to identify targets to therapeutically exploit the complex interactions between cancer cells and their microenvironment.

ORCID 0000-0001-7475-9704

Team members

Andreia Margarido

Higher Scientific Officer +44 20 3437 6891

Mikel Portillo

Higher Scientific Officer +44 20 3437 6894

Dr Marc Rabionet Diaz

Higher Scientific Officer +44 20 3437 7049