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Functional Genetic Epidemiology Team

Dr Olivia Fletcher’s team uses intermediate phenotypes and functional studies to understand how individual genetic variants influence breast cancer risk, which may in the longer term help to develop novel risk-reduction and prevention strategies.

Team leader

Dr Olivia Fletcher

Dr Olivia Fletcher

Team Leader

Dr Olivia Fletcher leads a team of genetic epidemiologists and molecular biologists working on the Generations Study, the British Breast Cancer Study and other population-based studies. She also took over leadership of the Complex Trait Genetics team from Dr Nick Orr in July 2017.

ORCID 0000-0001-9387-7116

Team members

Dr Vita Fedele

Postdoctoral Training Fellow 020 7153 5487

Dr Nichola Johnson

Senior Scientific Officer

Katarzyna Tomczyk

Higher Scientific Officer

Alisa Zvereva

PhD student