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Cancer Stem Cell Team

Professor Axel Behrens' team uses a combination of sophisticated genetics and human cancer organoids to understand the biology of cancer and to develop novel therapeutic options, with on emphasis an pancreatic cancer.

Team leader

Professor Axel Behrens

Professor Axel Behrens

Professor Axel Behrens is a well-known international expert in cancer stem cell biology as well as a pioneer in forging partnerships between scientists from different disciplines. He leads the Cancer Stem Cell Team at the ICR in parallel with heading up the Cancer Research UK Convergence Science Centre, a major strategic collaboration between the ICR and Imperial College London.

ORCID 0000-0002-1557-1143

Team members

Dr Ian Evans

Senior Scientific Officer +44 20 3437 6067

Dr Gabriela Koifman

Postdoctoral Training Fellow +44 20 3437 6070

Dr Linxiang Lan

Staff Scientist +44 20 3437 6065

Dr Huafu Li

Postdoctoral Training Fellow +44 20 7153 5523

Dr Josue Ruiz Medina

Postdoctoral Training Fellow +44 20 3437 6071