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Contact the ICR-CTSU team

General enquiries 

[email protected]

T +44 20 8722 4013

F +44 20 8770 7876

Trial enrolment

To enrol a patient in an ICR-CTSU study:

[email protected]

NB – no patient identifying information should be sent to this address

Serious adverse event reporting

Please report any serious adverse events according to the study protocol to:

[email protected]

NB – no patient identifying information should be sent to this address

Visiting us

The ICR-CTSU is based in Sutton, London.

The Institute of Cancer Research
Sir Richard Doll Building
15 Cotswold Road
Sutton, SM2 5NG

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Find more details and directions on how to get there at the bottom of the Contacts page

Trial team

A list of trial staff is available below. Please prefix 4*** extensions with 020 8722 and 6*** extension with 0203 437 to reach them by telephone.

Email addresses are [email protected]. For trial queries, please email the trial specific email address (available on each trial page).

Emily Alger   PhD Student 
Jane Banerji 4349 Trial Manager
Katie Biscombe 6144 Medical Statistician
Lorna Bower 6979 Senior Trial Manager
Julia Boyle 4435 Data Manager
Lauren Brooks 6627 Data Manager
Stephanie  Brown  4467  Senior Trial Manager 
Steph Burnett 4261 Clinical Trials Programme Manager
Fay Cafferty 6794 Principal Statistician
Sandy Cheung  6660 Trial Manager
Simon Clawson 4545 Data Scientist
Michelle Cooper 4177 Senior Applications Developer
Alexander Cowley 6927 Data Manager
Clare Cruickshank 4058 Clinical Trials Programme Manager
Monisha Dewan  4008  Medical Statistician
Amber  Emmerson  6693  Trial Manager 
Aude Espinasse  4509 Clinical Trials Programme Manager
Luke Evans   PhD Student 
Nick Everritt 6774 Data Manager
Joy Feng  4284  Database Programmer 
Laura Finneran  4054  Statistician 
Angela Flower 4259 Trial Administrator
Steph Foster  4193 Clinical Trials Data Management Specialist 
Lisa Fox  4188 Assistant Operations Director
Michelle Frost  6605 Clinical Trials Programme Manager 
Debbie Gardiner 4057 Senior Trial Manager
Alexa Gillman  4188 Assistant Operations Director
Katie Goddard  4185 Senior Trial Manager 
Helen Green 4404 Trial Administrator
Hannah Gribble  4613 Senior Trial Manager
Lucy Gribble 6801 Data Manager
Clare Griffin 4187 Principal Statistician
Jeanette Griffiths 4078 Trial Administrator
Jessica Griffiths 6879 Research Assistant
Zaynah Gurreebun  4373 Senior Data Manager
Virag Harmath  4062  Trial Administrator 
Shama Hassan 4183 Senior Trial Manager
Liz Hill 4284 Analyst/Programmer
Vicki Hinder  4494  Statistician 
Younes Hocini 6025 Data Manager
Ning Hongsuwan  4405  IT Administrator 
Xinjie Hu 6175 Senior Trial Statistician
Natasha Iles  4606  Senior Trial Manager 
Katy Jarman 4328 Senior Data Manager
Hannah Johnson  6712  Senior Trial Manager
Zoe Kan 3529 Trial Administrator
Jill Kidd 4375 Research Contract Administrator
Lucy Kilburn 4080 Principal Statistician
Xiaoran Lai 7202 Senior Statistician 
Doris  Lanz 6858 Senior Trial Manager
Lorna Leonard  6013 Commercial Study Oversight Manager 
Rebecca Lewis 4081 Clinical Trials Programme Manager
Lisa Lloyd 4063 Data Manager
Fred Lo
PhD Student
Sikhu Mahati 6249 Medical Statistician
Georgina Manning  4588 Trial Manager 
Jessica Maudsley 6017 Data Manager
Sue Martin 4077 Senior Data Manager
Hannah McLaughlin  6675  Senior Data Manager
Laura Moretti  4153 Clinical Trials Programme Manager 
Lili Morson 6138
Clinical Trial Assistant
Gabrielle Mutch 6054 Data Manager
Szeyi Ng 6618
PhD Student 
Tife Ogunmola 6798 Data Manager
Harry Parr  4041  PhD Student 
Jaymini Patel 6792 Medical Statistician
Steve Penegar 4238 Senior Trial Manager
Jessica Phelps 4369 Research Administrator
Lara Philipps 6014 Clinical Research Fellow
Karen Picton 4155 Trial Administrator
Karen Poole 6911 Clinical Trials Programme Manager 
Nuria Porta 4149 Principal Statistician
Julia Pugh 4097 Senior Data Manager
Sara Quirk 4041 Research Administration Manager
Emma Redman 4084 Trial Manager
Jan  Rekowski  4698  Principal Statistician 
Mahtab Rouhi 6906 Trial Statistician
Jessica Russell 6516 Data Manager
Khushali Shah 3523 Quality Assurance and Pharmacovigilance Officer
Sue Sherry 6410 Research Administration Manager
Matthew  Simpson 6933 Clinical Trials IT Manager
Kriti Singh 3616 Clinical Trial Assistant
Orsolya Sipos 6600 Bioinformatician
Swechha  Sirohi  6006  Trial Manager 
Lorna Smith 6647 Senior Trial Manager
Olga Solovyeva 6498 Medical Statistician
Nivetha Sridharan 6763 PhD Student
Morgaine Stiles  4615  Trial Manager
Mark Sydenham 4104 Senior Trial Manager
Georgiana  Synesi 6978 PhD Student
Tara Thorneycroft  4013 Executive Assistant 
Christy Toms 4266 Clinical Trials Programme Manager
Holly Tovey 4466 Senior Statistician
Matthew Tyler 6956 Medical Statistician
Christophe Verstegen 6886 Senior Trial Manager
Guillermo Villacampa Javierre 6797 Senior Statistician
Emily Williamson 6916 Data Manager
Zhulin Yin 6239 PhD Student 
Sarah Young 4144 Research Administration Manager
Xixuan Zhu  6760  PhD Student 

Current vacancies

Clinical trials

Division of Clinical Studies

The division carries out or coordinates high-quality trials and translational research at both an early phase – typically to test new targeted drugs – and a later stage.