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Proteomics Core Facility

The ICR's proteomics facility is among the most sophisticated in the UK, providing a highly-skilled specialist service using advanced mass spectrometry techniques and cutting edge technology to enable research teams to perform protein analysis for a wide range of experiments and samples

Proteomics Lab

Our state of the art instrumentation enables quantitative analysis of biological samples measuring >10,000 proteins and post-translational modifications per sample. We further build on these platform technologies with experimental and computational tools developed in-house by our expert team.

Working as a valued research partner, the service supports projects from experimental design through to bespoke bioinformatic analysis of results. Recent projects have included whole-proteome analysis to study the impact of mutations on cellular processes, proteomic post-translational profiling to monitor dynamic remodelling of tumours, and identification of protein interactions to reveal characteristics of proteomes.

Almost every analysis is tailored to the individual experiment. Employees within the facility will discuss a researcher’s requirements and help to design experiments and data analysis workflows, before performing the proteomic chemistries, mass spectrometry and data analysis. Finally, the facility will contribute to preparation of the final results to publication standards.

“The ICR has invested to develop a world class proteomics facility that enables research teams to exploit the full potential of the technology.”

Dr Jyoti Choudhary
Head of Proteomics 

For more information, contact the facility at [email protected]